Crypto Gaming United Guide: How to Make Money, Pros, Cons, and Getting Started

CGU gaming guild

Crypto Gaming United is a gaming guild that educates gamers and provides capital to them so they can start playing and making an income from blockchain games, even if there’s a costly entry barrier. 

What is Crypto Gaming United CGU?

Gaming is a $300 billion industry, but the lion’s share of the value goes to companies making the games instead of the players themselves. 

Blockchain games are starting to flip this dynamic on the head and provide players with play-to-earn opportunities. 

They pay players tokens of value as they engage more with the game and start developing their characters. 

For example, Axie Infinity, a popular blockchain game, involves collecting creatures called Axies to use in battles and win rewards. 

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The game is valued at $30 billion and has generated $1.5 billion in annual revenue for players. But the only caveat is that Axies are expensive, so not everyone can afford to play the game. 

And this cost entry barrier exists with most other blockchain games as well. This is where Crypto Gaming United (CGU) comes in. 

CGU is a gaming guild that purchases the necessary Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for the most popular blockchain-based games to help players start playing and earning rewards without a large initial investment.  

How does Crypto Gaming United work?

Players join the guild through a Discord link and play games using borrowed assets to earn money and pay the guild. They can also stake tokens and contribute to its operations to earn tokens. 

Crypto Gaming United scholarships

CGU’s scholarships offer game accounts and NFTs to kickstart their gameplay and help them get started with making an income. In return for the assets that CGU provides, the players give them a portion of their in-game rewards. 

Think of it as a rental agreement where players rent the NFTs and other equipment and pay their rewards as rent. The best part is that anyone can apply to become a scholar and contribute to the community by following a few simple steps. 

Step 1: Go to the CGU scholarship program page and click “Join Discord” to join their community. 

Crypto Gaming United

Step 2: Once the Discord channel launches, go to the “server-rules” channel and click the reaction on the thread to get verified and improve your chances of becoming a scholar. 

Crypto Gaming United

Step 3: Next, go to the “welcome server” and choose your country. 

Crypto Gaming United

Step 4: Next, scroll down to your country’s channel and click “become-a-scholar” to check out how to apply for a scholarship. Ensure that you follow the rules and fill up forms correctly to improve your chances of acceptance. 

Crypto Gaming United

Pro-Tip: Your country’s channel should also have a video to take you through the application process, so watch it for a more thorough explanation and country-specific instructions.

How to make money as a scholar

As a scholar, there are plenty of ways to make money:

  • Refer a friend to the guild. 
  • Complete educational courses. 
  • Stream your gameplay. 
  • Earn above your daily player optimization targets. 

How to make money as a manager

According to CGU’s whitepaper, 8% of the total token allocation is set aside for members who contribute to the DAO’s daily operations. 

So, you can earn money by becoming a country manager if you’re great at creating helpful resources the community can refer to, making timely announcements, encouraging discussions, and being proactive in resolving conflicts. 


  • Pays you to learn and upskill. 
  • Provides multiple ways to earn tokens.
  • Get personalized game recommendations. 


  • The guild isn’t fully decentralized.
  • It provides scholarships only for a few games.
  • Doesn’t have multiple revenue pools.


Here’s why you should join Crypto Game United. 

1. Pays you to learn and upskill

CGU aims to make its members financially literate and give them another source of income. So, it provides plenty of learning opportunities apart from game mentoring to the members. 

2. Provides multiple options to earn tokens 

Becoming a scholar and contributing to the community as a manager aren’t the only ways to earn tokens. You can also complete courses and sign up for their partner programs to fast-track your chances of being a scholar. 

3.Get personalized recommendations

The CGU team profiles you and recommends games that will be best suited for your skills and provides mentorship so you can maximize your earnings. 


Here are a few things the guild could get right. 

1. The guild isn’t fully decentralized

CGU started as a centralized platform to raise funds and market itself. So, although it’s moving towards decentralization, it’s not a full-fledged DAO yet.

2. It provides scholarships only for a few games

CGU has only partnered with a handful of games, unlike other guilds like Yield, which have formed partnerships with 40+ games. However, this shouldn’t deter you from playing, as the guild is still in its early stage and will start forming more partnerships soon. 

3. Doesn’t have multiple revenue pools

Unlike other guilds like Yield, which collectively invest in NFTs and earn revenue from other activities, CGU only has a single revenue pool, i.e., in-game rewards from players. 

Crypto Gaming United history 

CGU was founded in August 2021 by Mark Carnegie, corporate advisor and investor, and Sergei Sergienko, a cryptocurrency investor, to provide equal earning opportunities to gamers from all nations. 

The guild started with one billion tokens, most of which were used to get investor funding and market it. 

But now, after the sale of its initial tokens, it’s moving towards decentralization by encouraging members to put up proposals in its Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and vote. 

Crypto Gaming United games

Here are some of the most popular games that CGU is providing scholarships for

  • Axie Infinity is an NFT-based crypto game where players breed and collect creatures called Axies and participate in battles to earn rewards. 
  • Samurai Legends is set in feudal Japan. Its players collect NFT digital land and recruit warriors to expand their territory and sell these assets to earn money. 
  • Thunderlands is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Role-playing game (RPG) that allows players to farm resources and stake their NFTs to earn money. 

Crypto Gaming United tokens

The “CGU Token” is a BEP-20 token used to vote and participate in the DAO and pay for services within the CGU network. They can also be staked and exchanged on DEXs for fiat currencies. 

Members can earn them by investing, becoming a scholar/mentor, and contributing to the DAO’s operations. As mentioned earlier, the CGU DAO started with one billion tokens, out of which 40% is allocated to the players and community. The chart below shows how the 40% is distributed. 

Crypto Gaming United

Source: CGU Whitepaper

In the future, CGU coins will also provide community members with special metaverse properties, NFT assets, and participation in a variety of digital asset opportunities in blockchain-based games. 

Crypto Gaming United staking

Staking is the process of locking your tokens for a specific period of time to gain rewards. Here’s how staking works in CGU:

  1. The token holders lock their tokens. 
  2. CGU uses revenue from players to buy more tokens and increase their demand. 
  3. These tokens are used to reward token-holders. 
Crypto Gaming United

Source: CGU Staking 

There are two ways to stake your token on CGU, namely:

  • CGU staking: Stake your tokens for the amount of time you want to earn weekly rewards. 
  • CGU/Liquidity pool: Stake your tokens for a fixed period of time to provide liquidity and earn rewards subject to multipliers.

For instance, if Alice deposited 200 tokens in the token pool without committing to locking the tokens for a specific period, her rewards will not be subject to multipliers. 

But if she deposits 100 tokens and commits to locking them for the maximum period of 2 years, CGU will add a multiplier to her rewards. 

As a result, her 100 tokens will be treated as 200 tokens, and she’ll gain the same weekly rewards as depositing 200 CGU without a specific lock-in. 

How to buy Crypto Gaming United tokens

Step 1: Go to Pancake Swap and connect your Metamask wallet. (Download and install the chrome extension and set it up by following the steps if you haven’t already installed it.)

Crypto Gaming United

Step 2: Then, go to the Trade tab and select Swap 

Crypto Gaming United

Step 3: Select ETH or BNB in the first tab and CGU in the second tab to proceed to buy your tokens. 

Crypto Gaming United
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