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Built on the back of Minecraft, NFT Worlds is a collection of 10,000 individual worlds, each an entire Minecraft map. Owners of Worlds can edit their lands however they wish, and easily set up their own play and earn experiences. With an official, free-to-play, play-and-earn, NFT Worlds server already open, and many other projects in various stages of readiness, NFT Worlds is poised to leapfrog over some of its competitors and bring a community-built metaverse of different worlds and experiences to a wider gaming audience.

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NFT Worlds Gameplay Overview

NFT Worlds runs on Minecraft and features several active game worlds, with dozens more being built. The official NFT Worlds server offers a free-to-play, play-and-earn experience. To earn WRLD tokens, simply log in and play. As long as you remain active, you passively earn WLRD tokens, which are automatically paid out to your linked Polygon wallet. The other worlds, built by third parties, each have their own gameplay and rules, though all are built on top of the NFT Worlds ecosystem. The game servers can all be accessed directly or through the NFT Worlds Game Launcher.

About NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs, each containing a Minecraft seed for an entire world. Owners are free to edit the worlds as they choose, and upload those changes into the NFT’s metadata. They can also utilize a growing arsenal of custom-built tools to integrate with the greater NFT Worlds ecosystem and create their own play and earn experiences.

In October of 2021, NFT Worlds had their first and only World sale. Following the sale, the team quickly worked to release functionality for their worlds. This included world exploration, editing and saving worlds, multiplayer options, and the release of the WRLD token. They have continued to build tools and utilities for world owners, while also hosting their own play and earn SMP server that is open to everyone. Everything the team releases is open source and available on Github. They also run extensive tests and contract out for third-party audits on all NFT Worlds contracts.

NFT Worlds Play to Earn Mechanics

NFT Worlds features the most simple of play to earn schemes. Create an account, play Minecraft and earn tokens. It’s really that easy! At least for the official NFT Worlds server. Other servers may have additional requirements – usually ownership of one of their NFTs. The NFT Worlds team is in the process of building a WRLD faucet mechanism, which third-party world owners can use to easily distribute tokens to their players.

Reward System in NFT Worlds

Aside from the play-to-earn mechanics, NFT Worlds also offers earning opportunities for NFT holders. Anyone who owns an NFT Worlds World can stake it for a steady, passive income in the form of WRLD tokens. They also recently released a set of Genesis Avatars, each unique. Owning a Genesis Avatar provides passive income generated from sales on the official market (coming soon).

Any other projects built on NFT Worlds will have their own rewards system setup, which often includes WRLD tokens, but not always.

NFT Worlds Token

WRLD distribution chart
WRLD distribution chart

NFT Worlds only features one token, WRLD. WRLD exists on both the Ethereum and Polygon networks. NFT World holders received two WLRD token airdrops, amounting to 10% of the total token supply. The first was one in December of 2021, the second in February of 2022. As for the rest of the tokens, only 5% are reserved for the team’s use. The remaining 85% is split between P2E rewards (50%) and staking rewards (35%)

Like much of the rest of the market, the value of the WRLD token has taken a major beating over the last few months. Though a large reason for that is simply lack of utility. However, that should change in the near future as the team plans to create an in-launcher marketplace where WRLD is the exchange currency. They are also creating an integrated, P2E faucet that projects can tap into by staking WRLD tokens.


How to Get Started in NFT Worlds

Getting started playing NFT Worlds is a simple process. The first step is acquiring a copy of Minecraft, but most of you have that already. After that, all that’s needed is an account with NFT Worlds and a link to your Polygon wallet (this is where your token payouts are sent). Then, simply log in to one of the servers and start playing! You don’t even have to download the official NFT Worlds launcher (though it does make it much easier to see all the game options).

The official NFT Worlds SMP server is by far the most popular. You don’t need to own any NFTs to access the world, and, as long as you are logged in and active, you earn WRLD tokens simply for existing! It really doesn’t get much easier than this.

NFT Worlds server list (partial)
some of the available NFT Worlds servers

The Many NFT Worlds

And while the official NFT Worlds multiplayer server sees the most activity, there are a number of other options to choose from as well. There are already 15-20 NFT Worlds ready to play. And dozens more in development!. So many in fact, that the NFT Worlds team put together a spreadsheet to track them all and set up a special Discord server with chat rooms for each of the verified projects. There’s a horse racing world, a city-building world, a candy hunting game, social games, worlds with mini-games, and more!

Each project is its own entity, with different rules, payouts, and requirements. Many have their own NFTs or are planning an NFT release. There are too many projects with too much variation to try and list them all here. You’ll need to do your own research with the links above to find out more about the individual projects.

Owning an NFT World

NFT Worlds world management
updating an NFT World

Owning your own NFT World is the top of the chain in this ecosystem. World owners have the ability to create their own games and world experiences without having to build from the ground up. Many projects have already launched their own NFTs for funding and are in various states of building their multiplayer worlds.

The team has released several utilities to assist world owners with setting up their own play and earn experiences. They have open source multiplayer server code, an API for verifying NFT ownership, and even a portal system for traveling between worlds!

And if you aren’t that great at creating builds in Minecraft, or simply don’t have the time for it, there are a number of Verified Builder teams ready to get to work and help build your vision! Or, perhaps you don’t want to build anything at all. In that case, you can stake your NFT World for a passive income in WRLD tokens, and (coming soon), rent it out to others.

NFT Worlds Review

NFT Worlds has seen incredible growth since their launch, both in active players and in the engaged, extended community. And that’s without any marketing!

NFT Worlds Roadmap 2.0
NFT Worlds roadmap 2.0

The team behind NFT Worlds seems to be very sharp and on the ball. They purposefully decided to build on top of Minecraft to get to market quicker and to potentially tap into the worldwide player base of this extremely popular game. And though they have been scoffed at for selling ‘Minecraft seeds that are free to make and share’, the team has built-in significant functionality and utility to make this project much more than just 10,000 Minecraft seeds.

Now, of course, the success of this project relies on third parties spending the time and money to create fun experiences that draw in players. But I think that NFT Worlds has the right idea here. Do everything you can to make building and playing seamless and easy for owners and players. That way they can spend time building and playing instead of wrestling with awkward interfaces or struggling through unstable APIs. The team has been working hard to build out the backbone components of the system.

The NFT Worlds team has done a very solid job so far of quickly delivering well-built, tested, useful utilities and components. And the team has more on the horizon. Including a gasless, in-launcher marketplace that uses the WRLD token as a payment system, NFT avatars, and items that affect your character’s appearance in-game, a rental system, a name service, and improved graphics!

Even if you don’t have the funds or interest in owning a world for yourself, it’s worth taking a look through the available and upcoming projects being built on NFT Worlds — you might find something that does catch your attention!

NFT Worlds Key Info

  • Genre: Virtual World / Metaverse
  • Free to Play: Yes
  • Platform(s): PC / Mac / Minecraft Java Edition Compatible
  • Blockchain(s): Ethereum / Polygon
  • Token(s): WRLD
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