My DeFi Pet Guide: How to Play, Features, Pros, and Cons

My DeFi Pet is a play-to-earn virtual game built on raising pets that features in-game user personalization, DeFi, and traditional pet raising. It is built on Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain.

Quick Facts 

  • My DeFi Pet is a virtual, interoperable, lifestyle-based, pet-raising game. 
  • My DeFi Pet is built on the Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain network with DPET as the main token.
  • My DeFi Pet revolves around User personalization, Decentralized Finance, and breeding pets.

My DeFi Pet Review

What is My DeFi Pet?

My DeFi Pet is a cryptocurrency pet game that operates on KardiaChain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) networks. The game is built on the premise of GamFi and NFTs. Players engage in several in-game activities, collect NFT assets as pets, and sell or exchange them for a profit at Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

My DeFi Pet

DeFi is a peer-to-peer banking system built on blockchain technology that circumvents the traditional banking system. It’s interoperable and features smart contracts.

NFTs are non-fungible tokens or digital assets that are original and unique and cannot be interchangeable. In this case, the non-fungible tokens are the pets.

All the pets are unique and distinct, and players breed them with items so that they can evolve and become stronger for battles.

Before you can play this game, there are a few rules to meet before you can play the game. You must:

  • First, have a wallet accommodating Binance Smart Chain or KardiaChain networks.
  • Have a minimum of three My DeFi Pets.
  • Have DPET tokens.

Additionally, My DeFi Pet has eight characters, including:

  • Spike
  • Fang
  • Tygra
  • Adonis
  • Bugsy
  • Venom
  • Winged Pupper
  • Rudolph

Players win by upgrading their pets and competing in Battles for rewards. The NFT assets in the game are the pets.

The game was developed as a collaborative effort between KardiaChain, a top Vietnamese interoperable blockchain platform, and Topebox, a top gaming studio in Vietnam.

History of My DeFi Pet

My DeFi Pet game was launched on the 14th of May, 2021, by KardiaChain. KardiaChain is a Vietnamese interoperable, decentralized blockchain network and is the first of its kind. 

The network launched the game together with another top game developer in Vietnam called TopeBox. The previous game release from TopeBox, like Thief Rivals and Sky Dancer, had more than 100 million global downloads. 

The brain box behind the game include:

  • Tri Pham – the CEO of the KardiaChain company. 
  • Liem Thai – the creator of the game.
  • Anh Tran – the developer of the game.
  • John Huy Nguyen – the principal business officer.
  • Tommy Le – the marketer of the game.
  • Tiep Vu – the hacker for game growth.

The developing team’s vision is displayed through the game’s name:

  • My – Implies in-game personalization for players. 
  • DeFi – Implies an integration of DeFi attributes into the game. 
  • Pet – Finally, Pet implies the game centers on raising pets. 

The developing team’s intentions include:

  • To thrill players with gaming activities like collecting, evolving, breeding, socializing/trading, and battling pets.
  • For the game to have a warm welcome all around the world.
  • Players should earn monetary rewards through the mass-adoption blockchain features embedded in the game. 

The virtual pet game has encountered some issues since its launch. Some of them include:

  • Regulation and enforcement issues in many countries, just like every other digital asset.
  • Ambiguity in information disclosure.
  • Plenty of competitors.
  • Absence of expert engineers.
  • Susceptibility to online attacks from hackers due to weaknesses in security.

How does My DeFi Pet work?

In the My DeFi Pet Game, players travel to a pet land called Monsters to perform five gaming activities. These gaming activities include:

My DeFi Pet

  • Collection: Where players collect NFT pets.
  • Summoning: They purchase eggs with three DPET tokens from the shop and summon the pets from a marketplace. New monsters are spawned every hour. 
  • Bidding: A new pet is born hourly. Users can partake in auctions to either sell or purchase new pets. A user wins by topping the bidding war. Each bidding session lasts for 24 hours. 
  • Breeding: This gaming activity requires users to own at least five DPET tokens and two pets. Players breed pets in the Northwest section of the game map at Happy Forest. The bred pets will share the same characteristics with their parents. Only gamers that reached level 10 can breed.

My DeFi Pet

  • Evolve: Because the pets are at various stages of evolution, gamers can use DPET tokens to feed them, improving their stats, energy, capabilities, and appearances. For example, a monster at level ten has several layers of evolution.

My DeFi Pet

  • Season reward: Gamers partake in this activity by having ten legendary fully evolved pets that meet the contract’s criteria. The prize for the first season was 100,000 USDT which will be sent using the winner’s smart contract.
  • Battle: In this gaming section, players let their pets fight each other for a trophy given to the winner. Naturally, the more evolved your NFT pet is, the better your chances of winning combats. In addition, the server gives special prizes to players with the highest rank when the season ends.
  • Trading: All pets and the other tokens in the game are NFT assets that players can trade in the marketplace for profits. They can also exchange them for new ones. Every beast has a unique feature that distinguishes it, like destruction, combat, HP, speed, attack, night vision, and others.

Competitive advantages that make the game stand out include:

  • Attractive game scenarios. 
  • A unique and vivid representation of pets. 
  • Original collection of NFT monsters created with blockchain technology using diverse rarity. 

Before playing the game, the players will need some tools. Some of these tools include:

  • Binance Smart Chain or KardiaChain Wallet.
  • MetaMask because it is compatible with Binance.
  • DPET Tokens.
  • BNB Tokens.

There are several ways of earning cash as a player. Some of them include:

  • Trading your NFT pets and the items in the marketplace. 
  • Upgrading your pet and partaking in battle tournaments. 
  • Completing missions and seasonal events.
  • Sending out your pets to hunt for DEPT tokens and food.

My DeFi Pet Video Review

My DeFi Pet NFTs

NFTs stand for Non-fungible tokens. Non-fungible tokens are digital assets people cannot duplicate or make another copy of. They are unique or original, with no other version of it existing in the digital space. 

My DeFi Pet also has NFT assets in the game. The NFT assets are the pets and the items. Just like every other NFT asset, you can trade them in marketplaces like OpenSea for money or other digital assets. 

My DeFi Pet cryptocurrency and tokens explained 

  • my-defi-pet
  • My DeFi Pet
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $2.8 M

The tokens involved in the game include BNB and DPET tokens. Therefore, you must have them in a BEP20 wallet on the Binance Smart Chain. 

  • BNB coin serves as the network fee during transactions.
  • DPET is players’ principal game token to sell, buy, upgrade, and exchange pets. DPET tokens are also used to vote for new settings, features, and staking rewards. Players can buy DPET on PancakeSwap.

As of August 2021, the overall transactions were above three million. According to Coingecko, the circulating supply of My DeFi Pet DPET coin is 12.1 million, with a maximum supply of 100 million.

My DeFi Pet price

My DeFi Pet is currently priced at PHP2,520 ($50.4) and could go up depending on the game’s future additions.

How to play My DeFi Pet

Gamers play the game by participating in missions and events. This way, they earn DPET tokens as NFTs. They can trade the NFTs in NFT marketplaces and the DPET tokens in exchanges.

My DeFi Pet

Players begin to play the game by adding Binance Smart Chain to their MetaMask wallets. Then, they need to buy BNB.

My DeFi Pet

The game mechanics comprise some exciting activities and events. The activities include a collection of pets, breeding the collected pets, evolving them to make them stronger to partake in battles, and battling with other players for rewards.

My DeFi Pet

Players must regularly upgrade their pets’ features using DPET tokens to get ahead in the game. This way, they can win battles, seasons, and other events.

There are game economics like ranking, trading, and social features. Players need gaming tools like the Binance Smart Chain or KardiaChain Wallet, MetaMask, DPET tokens, and BNB tokens. 

How to install My DeFi Pet

Because My DeFi Pet Game is web-based, you can get it only via the official website. You cannot install it like an application. You can only play it through a web browser. To access the game, visit the official website –

How to earn money on My DeFi Pet

Before gamers can play, they need to make an initial investment of about $50 to play the game. After that, players can earn money by trading their NFT pets in the NFT Marketplace.

They can also upgrade their pets, improve their features, partake in battle tournaments and win rewards. Additionally, when players complete missions and seasonal events, they earn certain rewards like DPET tokens which they can cash out. 

Lastly, players can send their pets to hunt for DPET tokens which they can cash out. In the first season, the grand prize was 100,000 USDT. Players can swap their tokens for fiat currencies using the exchanges.

Pros and cons of My DeFi Pet

As with other games, My DeFi Pet Game has advantages and disadvantages. Below are some of them:


  • Low barrier for entry
  • The in-game features are exciting
  • In-game DeFi


  • Security weaknesses
  • Regulations and enforcement
  • Several competitors


Low barrier to entry 

As a beginner My DeFi Pet gamer, you don’t need much knowledge about blockchain to start playing. Additionally, the cost to start playing is low.

The in-game features are exciting 

The game has outstanding graphics that make the pets look appealing. That is exciting for the gamers. The gameplay is seamless and can keep gamers playing for a long while.

Just like traditional RPG games, it has several features like Story Mode, Boss Raid, PVP Battle, Tower, and Seasons. Furthermore, the ability for personalization sets My DeFi Pet apart from its competitors. Players can customize their pets to suit their preferences and daily activities. 

In-game DeFi

My DeFi Pet allows players to lend and stake their NFT pets with DPET tokens and gain rewards during the gameplay. 


Security weaknesses

My DeFi Pet game is prone to malicious attacks online by hackers and other organizations. These online attacks include denial of service, malware attacks, smurfing, consensus-based attacks, and spoofing.

There are also concerns about the future alterations of security innovation and cryptography. Additionally, there are vulnerabilities in the core infrastructure of the My DeFi Pet and the DPET token.

Regulations and enforcement

Digital assets are tightly regulated in many countries. As a result, the DPET token and the distributed ledger are unsettled and unclear in many jurisdictions and territories. 

If those countries apply the regulatory laws, then that will cause negative effects on the organization. The company may have to stop operating in those regions because the regulatory laws make operations illegal. 

Several competitors

My DeFi Pet has huge competitors. Decentralized networks and applications emerge daily and at a fast rate. Some may even create similar games or attempt to use the DPET network. 

Getting started

To get started by playing the My DeFi Pet game:

My DeFi Pet

Step 1: Download MetaMask, which is a digital wallet.

My DeFi Pet

Step 2: If you’re new to the Binance network, create an account to buy BNB Tokens. If you have an account, simply log in.

My DeFi Pet

Step 3: Buy the BNB Tokens and send them into your MetaMask wallet.

My DeFi Pet

Step 4: Afterward, exchange your BNB coins on PancakeSwap for DPET tokens. To do this, you must link your MetaMask to your PancakeSwap before you proceed.

Step 5: To finish up, visit the My DeFi Pet website and tap on “BSC Chain”. Then link your MetaMask and click on “Update.”

My DeFi Pet


Where can I play My DeFi Pet?

You can play My DeFi Pet Game on your PC, Android, and iOS devices through the web as it’s an H5 web game. Access the game through the official website

Is my DeFi Pet legit?

All current events and evidence point towards the game more in the direction of a scam than legit. Here are some reasons:

  • Firstly, the progress of the game and updates are slow. 
  • Second, the game had several problems the developers did not solve properly.
  • The long-awaited maintenance was hacked. The hackers changed gamers’ accounts to level one, and the team couldn’t solve the issue. However, they compensated the affected gamers.
  • Lastly, the developing team hyped the boss fight, which was frustrating as players paid gate fees but couldn’t join.

How much is My DeFi Pet game?

According to Coinmarketcap, the My DeFi Pet game price today is $0.1225, with a 24-hour low and 24-hour high of $0.12 and 0.1263, respectively.

What is My DeFi Pet token?

The My DeFi Pet token is DPET. It is the main token gamers use for gaming activities like buying, selling, upgrading pets and their unique attributes, and exchanging pets.

My DeFi Pet Game Info

  • Genre: Virtual Pet Game
  • Free to Play: No
  • Platform(s): Android, iOS, PC
  • Blockchain(s): Binance Smart Chain & KardiaChain
  • Token(s): DPET
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