Galaxy Fight Club Guide: How to Play, Features, Pros and Cons

Galaxy Fight Club is a cross-platform, cross-brand PvP MOBA game where users can engage in combat and earn in-game assets and crypto for playing. Bring your NFT avatars out to battle.

Quick facts

  • Galaxy Fight Club is a cross-platform, cross-brand PvP-based MOBA game bringing together multiple NFT avatars.
  • This game is deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Download the game on the Android or Apple app stores.

Galaxy Fight Club Review

What is Galaxy Fight Club?

As the first cross-IP, cross-platform (PC & Mobile) PvP fighting game, Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) allows players with various NFT collections to compete against one another to win prizes and unlock new content. Its mobile-optimized, fast-paced MOBA gameplay is comparable to Brawl Stars. Each 3v3 game lasts for about five minutes, and the team that scores 20 kills first wins.

The Galaxy Fight Club crew has extensive experience in the NFT and mobile gaming industries. They are adept at spotting possibilities and keeping up with changes in publishing, monetization, and competitive landscapes.


Galaxy Fight Club Video Review

History of Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club burst onto the scene in late 2021 and hopes to bring a new dimension of play to the NFT field. The self-titled “Galaxy Fight Club Team” is at the head of the venture and brings their individual experience in the traditional games industry to bear here.

The team itself is comprised of Chief Game Officer Dan Le, Ado from Marketing and Partnership, Dave the Lead Blockchain Dev, Lead Artist Don, and Chief Marketing Officer Yassin, along with various other team members.

The goal of Fight Club is to create a space in the metaverse where anyone can bring their NFT avatars out to battle. Think of it like Nintendo’s popular Smash Bros game, but with BAYC Apes and Cryptopunks battling it out to earn in-game assets and crypto.

Galaxy fight club

The Galaxy Fight Club vision is for true interoperability of digital goods and assets in a genuinely open gaming environment where users, not the developer, own the intellectual property. For the NFT Universe, the team at Galaxy Fight Club wants to build a cross-IP game platform that enables meaningful interaction between various IPs from various collections.

How does Galaxy Fight Club work?

To ‘win’ at GFC, a player must compete and win battles and obtain the keys required to open loot boxes and treasure chests containing useful equipment, such as weapons. The kind of key obtained would be determined by the rarity or “rank” of the avatar that each player controls (which can include free characters, Genesis or 2nd gen fighters, non-GFC characters, and more).

In addition to owning a Genesis Galaxy Fighter, users who use these NFTs also get a bonus as their NFT players automatically collect 5–15 $GCOIN daily.

Other game types, such as the Classic Death Match and Battle Royale, are available in addition to the brutal 3-vs-3 bouts that last roughly five minutes and in which the side with the most kills wins. Players can also focus on raising or training second-generation fighters by “burning” or withdrawing weapons from circulation and paying a training cost of $GCOIN.

Second-generation warriors can access golden keys, competitions, and a private Discord channel. On the secondary market, these keys can likewise be bought and sold.

GFC wants to encourage players to buy genesis fighters, train them, and then resell these supposedly “second-generation fighters” for a healthy profit.

Galaxy Fight Club NFTs

Galaxy Flight Club is truly unique in that it pulls NFTs from all different areas, bringing them together in a battle-royale PvP MOBA. Unlike many other NFT-based P2E games, Galaxy Fight Club allows you to use both the in-game avatars plus other NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that you currently have in your wallet.

Galaxy Fight Club cryptocurrency and tokens explained

  • galaxy-fight-club
  • Galaxy Fight Club
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $974.42 K

Galaxy uses the $GCOIN token system, which can be purchased and traded for other cryptocurrencies like $ETH on open exchanges like Uniswap. There are a number of different methods to play Galaxy Fight Club to win. Galaxy Fighters owners will be able to passively make between 5 and 15 $GCOIN every day, on top of what they make by buying and selling NFTs and gear.

Galaxy Fight Club price

Galaxy Fight Club is a free-to-play game, but those who have already paid for an NFT will have access to higher-tier characters, fights, and keys. Those who are completely F2P (or don’t own any NFTs) will only be given a default base character to play as in battle, and winning matches will let them earn Silver Keys.

How to play Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Stars is a 3D hyper-casual fighting game comparable to Brawl Stars. Players can engage in melee or ranged attacks depending on their chosen weapon. The game’s movement system allows players to move up, down, left, and right and interact with various obstacles and objects that are dispersed throughout the map.

The overall strength of each player’s Fighter is determined by their attributes (namely, their base race, armor, and weapon) and the player’s gameplay efficiency. These two main elements equally affect the outcome of a combat. While a rarer NFT may have a slight advantage over a less-rare avatar, the player’s skill can help even the playing field.

There will be four game modes: 3v3, tournaments, 1v1, and Battle Royale. Players can choose to enter these game modes to earn $GCOIN. For players that do not enjoy participating in the actual battles, players can become a manager and concentrate on hiring other players to fight for them in exchange for loot share, or become a crafter and concentrate on finding the best ingredients to forge into newer and stronger weapons for more opportunities.

How to install Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play and Apple App store.

Galaxy fight club

How to earn money on Galaxy Fight Club

The primary way to make money in the game is to win games and accumulate loot box keys. There are three different types of keys, each with a daily limit or cap. These keys can be combined with $GCOIN to open loot boxes to get different items, or they can be sold as independent NFTs on the secondary market for others who want to open them instead.

A default fighter with base stats and a default base tier weapon will be provided to a player if they do not have access to any avatars. Regardless of the avatar they use to play the game, all players have the chance to win loot box keys. Nevertheless, depending on your avatar, you can win different kinds of loot box keys.

Players can also earn money passively (a small amount is generated each day) by entering into tournaments, forging and selling weapons, creating and selling second-generation fighters, and renting out fighters.

Pros and cons of Galaxy Fight Club


  • Galaxy Fight Club is the very first cross-platform, cross-IP NFT game of its kind.
  • Passive income can be earned by players who have bought a Genesis Galaxy Fighter.
  • Players do not need to have bought an NFT before playing.


  • Each character/NFT has to be recreated in 3D style and added to the game, which takes time.
  • In-game mechanics can be a bit unwieldy and difficult to learn.
  • A bit of a repetitive game loop at this time.


Galaxy Fight Club is the very first cross-platform, cross-IP NFT game of its kind.

Available on both PC and mobile, Galaxy Fight Club features unique PvP gameplay where players can bring in their existing supported NFTs from various popular NFT collections and use them as avatars in the game. This is an innovative concept, and one that is surely going to be copied by other titles in the future. For right now, though, Galaxy Fight Club is the first game of its kind.

Passive income can be earned by players who have bought a Genesis Galaxy Fighter.

The original 10,000 Genesis Galaxy Fighters can be found through this OpenSea collection. These original Galaxy Fight Club NFTs grant the owner a daily yield of anywhere between 5 – 15 $GCOIN tokens. In this way, the game supports passive income generation from just owning a particular NFT. This is an innovative and convenient concept since there are few other play-to-earn games that provide truly passive yield. Most similar mechanics force players to at least defend their NFTs from being taken by other players or otherwise overpowered, but the Genesis Galaxy Fighter series provides passive income with none of these requirements.

Players do not need to have bought an NFT before playing.

While Galaxy Fight Club is all about bringing your existing NFTs over to battle in-game, owning an expensive NFT is not a prerequisite for playing the game. New players who want to jump into battle are given in-game characters free of charge that function just as well as any fancy NFT that others may be bringing. This makes the game free-to-play and ensures a casual experience for those just wanting to try it out.


Each character/NFT has to be recreated in 3D style and added to the game, which takes time.

Since the game features cross-IP functionality, many of the in-game characters have to be ported over from other NFT collections. Most NFT collections are of course 2d representations of different characters. To make these playable, the Galaxy Fight Club developers have to port them into 3d models and integrate them into the game collection by collection.

This takes time, so if your NFTs are not part of the biggest flagship collections, it may be a little while before they are integrated as playable characters in the game.

In-game mechanics can be a bit unwieldy and difficult to learn.

The game mechanics feature movement and battle controls as well as different weapons that have different damage profiles during battle. Characters also have a special ability that can be deployed, in addition to a recharging “ultimate” attack.

On mobile, all these controls are crammed into a touchscreen phone, which makes for some clunky gameplay. Many users recommend linking a bluetooth controller to a mobile device to play, or just playing on desktop for optimal gameplay.

A bit of a repetitive game loop at this time.

Galaxy Fight Club does not currently feature a matchmaking mode where players can play against other live players. Those looking to play the game can only battle against NPCs (non-playable characters).

Add to this the limited range of weapons, abilities, and maps and the game can quickly become stale. The replay-ability of the game is expected to improve in the future as more game development is completed and new features are added.

Getting started

Step 1: Create and connect your account. Connect your account to a digital wallet such as MetaMask, Coinbase, or WalletConnect.

Step 2: Purchase a Galaxy Fighter. Players must own at least one Galaxy Fighter to participate in any in-game activities. (All Galaxy Fighters are now out of stock; only secondary markets offer them for sale to consumers. Get yours at NFT marketplace OpenSea. To battle avatars based on your current NFT holdings, such as Bay City Bored Ape, you must own the rights to your NFT PFP.

Galaxy fight club

Step 3: Install the game via the iOS or Android store and let the battles begin!


How do you invest in Galaxy Fight Club?

Players can invest in Galaxy Fight Club by buying fighters on OpenSea and LooksRare.

How do I claim Gcoin?

Players cannot purchase tokens for $GCOIN; they must be acquired through gameplay. A set number of $GCOIN tokens are daily generated by Original Galaxy Fighters as well. $GCOIN will also be available on decentralized exchanges like Huobi and and open exchanges like sushiswap.

What genre is the Galaxy Fight Club game?

Galaxy Fight Club is a cross-platform PVP fighting game.

When is the Galaxy Fight Club release date?

Galaxy Fight Club is currently in open Beta, and a full release is expected in August of 2022.

Galaxy Fight Club Game Info

  • Genre: Cross-platform PVP fighting game
  • Free to Play: Yes
  • Platform(s): PC, Mobile
  • Blockchain(s): Ethereum
  • Token(s): $GCOIN
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