The First Play to Earn Game Festival (Nov 2020)

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The Play to Earn Game Festival is a celebration of blockchain gaming and gamer empowerment. From November 2nd visitors of the festival get to see the most interesting blockchain games and learn about the play-to-earn business model. Lose yourself in cool games, enjoy beautiful artworks and win awesome digital assets that you can own, play with or sell.

The Play to Earn Game Festival is powered by Synergy of Serra. Synergy of Serra is an upcoming trading card game utilizing new gameplay mechanics and embracing the play-to-earn business model.

Play to Earn Game Festival details

When? November 2nd- November 13th 2020 (FINISHED)

Visits: 6750
Raffle tickets: ~18.000

How? Everybody with a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or VR headset. Entrance is free!


Activities: Every day a raffle with our main sponsor Synergy of Serra, 12 different play-to-earn games on showcased through video presentation on rotation, one event raffle per game, a treasure hunt at the location (sponsored by Matic, solved within 36 hours). No live events, no presentations, just hopping in, take a look, check out some cool games and join a raffle.

Our next event in March 2021 will follow a similar recipe, but instead will also offer live events. In addition it will take place at a much bigger location. We’re currently building a venue that offers a dedicated place for an art exposition, a presentation space and of course an arcade area to showcase the games. Follow the development here:,571S

Game Sponsors

The following games were on display during the first Play to Earn Game Festival in November 2020. They provided prizes for the raffles.

logo blocklete golf
logo nine chronicles

My motivation:

Ever since the 80s gamers have been spending quarters in the arcade or buying full games for their consoles. In recent years games that are seemingly free, have become even bigger cash-cows. Loot boxes! Skins! With the rise of digital downloads gamers don’t even own their games anymore, instead they license them! Gamers OWN nothing. On top of that eighty percent is providing value to make sure that twenty percent of the gamers is paying. However, all that money goes to billion dollar companies. This next step in gaming evolution changes all that.

Games that follow the play-to-earn paradigm will bring value to the ones playing. You don’t necessarily make a living out of it, but you do earn something for hard work and time spent. Gamers earn digital assets that they can use inside the game world or sell on an open blockchain-powered marketplace to other players and collectors. Play to earn, you’ve earned it!

An early photo of the old arcade that we revamped for the festival
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