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Project Nebula Zone Distribution Event

September 21 - October 20

project nebula zones hex nft

Space exploration game Project Nebula has a new mechanic, allowing players to own a hex or a zone, which they can earn during a gameplay event. A hex is an NFT representing an area in space, the setting of the game. Players can earn these zone NFTs  during the event by playing Project Nebula and completing tasks. Learn more here.

Zones in Project Nebula are basically like a piece of land in a virtual world. In this case these NFTs represent an area in space. The first NFTs to hit the market come from the Gen-0 and Gen-1 starting sectors. A zone, or a hex, gives its owners the option to craft new assets, adding new mechanics and content to the game world. This mean that players could potentially build a space station, and offer services on that station to other players.

Players can earn zones by completing objectives in Project Nebula. This play-to-earn mechanic launched a week ago. In addition players can earn blueprints and consumables, among other things. The first stage of the event will end on October 20th. The winners are announced on October 20, and the leading player in every sector gains the rights for 2 zones, with the runner-up gaining 1 zone. The developers will distribute a total of 423 zones (8%) during this stage.

What is Project Nebula?

Project Nebula is a blockchain-powered game about interstellar exploration. Players can discover and own unique planets, artifacts, spaceships, and be part of an ever-expanding universe with its own history, future and destiny. The game uses the ICON blockchain for all asset ownership and will release this summer.

Exploration is a big part of Project Nebula and its universe. However, there are all kinds of assets to keep in mind while exploring. First of all you will need a spaceship, which is an NFT. Second, you will need fuel. Your spaceship’s stats and research will influence the amount of fuel you can carry, and therefore how far you can travel. While travelling through the universe, you’ll be discovering hexes, or areas. Exploring a new area costs more fuel, than travelling through one where you’ve been before. Fuel regenerates hourly, and a spaceship reaches full capacity after 24 hours.

Go to the official website here.

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