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That being said, a couple of short remarks:


  • Our content is made with care and love, but we’re still human. We can make a typo or misinterpret content.
  • We don’t give investment advice, but we do advice users to play certain games based on certain interesting features. For example, when a game has strong play-to-earn features, we could advice to give it a try (for free).
  • All content based on cryptocurrency or token prices is published because it’s newsworthy from a broader point-of-view.

Affiliates and sponsors

  • We use affiliate links for projects that we think are interesting.
  • We have the right to accept content sponsorships, but this will never be more than ten percent of our content.
  • We don’t use Google Ads or other banner services. All banners are natively hosted on our website.

PLAY token

  • PLAY token was launched by Play to Earn in November 2020.
  • It’s an ERC-20 token distributed by social token platform TryRoll.com
  • Even though the distribution of $PLAY is done by Play to Earn, ultimately it will become a social token that’s governed by the community. Everybody can invest in the token by acquiring tokens from the open market or providing utility on sales platforms or through applications.
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Robert Hoogendoorn is a gamer and blockchain enthusiast. He got in touch with crypto in 2014, but the fire really lit in 2017. Professionally he's a content optimization expert and worked for press agencies and video production companies, always with a focus on the video games & tech industry. He's a content manager and creator at heart, started the Play to Earn Online Magazine in early 2020.