Role Playing Games, or RPGs, on the blockchain give the player control over a fictional character with unique attributes, powers and weapons. In an RPG players need to use or command their character, in order to complete quests, earn experience points and increase the character’s power. RPGs on the blockchain strongly connect with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), as players need to acquire more and better weapons to improve their character. 

RPG are available in a variety of subgenres. There are the more action-oriented action RPGs, and of course turn-based role playing games. Especially turn-based RPGs are very suitable to embrace on-chain mechanics, because the game doesn’t progress require super high speed. Obviously the MMORPG genre can also be seen as a role playing game.

A player-character in an RPG often has some basic attributes. Think about common examples, like strength, defense, agility, charisma, and magic. These player-characters can level up, and increase their attributies. In addition their weapons and clothes can enhance these attributes significantly. This benefits the player in battle. This particular game genre often uses a wide set of game rules, as well as a method to define luck. In traditional RPGs this meant rolling dice, but in video games luck is often a character attribute on its own.

Blockchain Role Playing Games Examples:

  • The Sandbox and Square Enix to Bring Dungeon Siege RPG Experiences to the Metaverse

    The Sandbox already made the headlines with the opening of the Alpha Season 2 earlier this month. To add to the growing list of partnerships, they announced a new venture with the Japanese video game company Square Enix to bring the iconic RPG franchise Dungeon Siege to The Sandbox. Square Enix’s Dungeon series, which was […]
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  • Vulcan Forged Speeding Up With New Releases And More Elysium Partnerships

    Vulcan Forged had an exciting month, announcing their new blockchain and partnerships with dozens of projects. They also announced new games that will run on the Elysium Blockchain. After only one month from the announcement, Elysium now hosts 16 projects, VulcanVerse – the main game linked to Vulcan Forged – is recording all-time highs records […]
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  • Is Lost Relics Still Worth Playing in 2022?

    Lost Relics is an adventure role playing game in which you venture in dungeons filled with monsters and traps looking for NFT items. An ambitious project released in 2019, but with new projects coming out every week and big studios joining the NFT gaming space, does Lost Relics stand a chance, and is it still worth […]
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  • Chainmonsters Beta Video Review

    Chainmonsters launched their first beta in December and recently released iOS and Android version. We sent our host Bruno on a mission to review the Chainmonsters beta and catch all the Mons coming his way. Watch the video to see his first adventures in the Chainmonsters world. As you can see in our review, the […]
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  • Continuum World Land Sale Date Confirmed

    Continuum World confirms the Land Sale date for the Original Stakers, Pre-Sale Stakers, and the Public Binance Sale. All Lands will be sold in $UM. Continuum World Land Sale Date After plenty of delays, Continuum confirmed the Sale Date for their plots:  January 22nd–24th: Pre-Sale for Original stakers (previous to Dec. 18 th) (opens 5PM […]
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  • Heroes Chained, the Future Fantasy RPG Aiming to Redefine Play To earn

    Heroes Chained just ended their first funding round on Seedify, raising 327k BUSD, and they’re in the process of allocating HEC for Avalaunch stakers. The team aims to redefine what play to earn means at its core, and they plan to do it with this new Fantasy RPG. What is Heroes Chained? Heroes Chained (HC) […]
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  • Legends of Venari Alpha Season Launching Now!

    After selling out the passes in just under ten minutes, Legends of Venari is going live on the 23rd of December 2021.  This is your chance to join a faction and explore the lands of Carraes in the brand-new alpha season.  To experience the alpha, however, you should have in your possession an Alpha Pass […]
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  • Moon Stones Equipment and Companion Sale

    In their final NFT sale before closed alpha, Moon Stones offers Equipment and Companion packs. After completing sales for Main characters and Generic characters, the Moon Stone team presses forwards towards a playable release with the last bit needed for players to begin adventuring in their world. The sale begins on December 20th, 2021. There […]
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  • Introducing Solchicks – What’s all the hype about?

    Solchicks, everyone’s talking about this game, so in this article, we take a first look.  Solchicks aims to be the leading fantasy NFT PvP and play-to-earn gaming ecosystem on the Solana blockchain.  At this stage, that seems certain for success. A combination of adorable characters, cinematic quality gameplay, and an incredible project team. This game […]
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  • Blockade Games to Expand Neon District Universe

    Blockchain video game studio Blockade Games has received a $5 million investment from Animoca Brands and various other investors to expand the Neon District universe. The team plans to add new in-game functionalities and introduce new assets into the ecosystem. At the moment Neon District exists as a tactical turn-based cyberpunk RPG on the Polygon […]
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