Luke Delancey is an international award winning blockchain developer. Having a passion for crypto, he is a gamer, humanitarian, writer and general geek. He and his wife have two young daughters who are training to become gamer jedis.
  • Victoria VR is building a photorealistic metaverse

    Blockchain-powered, Victoria VR, is pitching itself to be the future 3D internet.  The project team is building with Unreal Engine 5 and players will be able to access utilizing VR headsets such as Oculus. Fully integrated with Epic Games’ MetaHuman it supports photorealistic player avatars.  MetaHuman is part of Epic Games’ 1 billion dollar investment […]
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  • Green Rabbit Releases Anticipated Materials Foraging Missions

    Green Rabbit recently released their Material Foraging Missions.  These missions bring a new way for players to gain the resources needed to craft Anima Armor.  Players can now send Foragers to search the regions of Nanotopia for precious Materials! To forage a player must possess a Forager NFT and pay a fee in Shellinium.  Materials […]
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  • Crypto Unicorns to hold Land sale after sell-out Unicorn Egg event

    Crypto Unicorns will hold the first of three Land NFT sales on December 15th.  They will sell 9,000 Land plots in total.  Each sale of Land will consist of 6,000 Common, 3,000 Rare and 1,000 Mythic plots.  Phase two and three of the land sale will take place on January 15th 2022, and February 1st […]
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