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Play and Earn with Upland Genesis Week

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Celebrating four years since the first ever property minting, Upland brings us Genesis Week, full of in-game activities, events, AMAs, and more! The events this week provide a number of play and earn opportunities, with some pretty nice prizes, including the first ever, one of a kind, Genesis Totem!

Upland marks the anniversary of their game launch with a week full of activities. Things have already kicked off, and to help you get around and join in the fun, Upland has removed the fees for using Terminals during this event!

For anyone who wants to outfit their 3d avatar with special gear, Upland brings us a Genesis Week Grunge Outfit, complete with torn jeans! The cost is 5,000 UPX and you will need to register before June 7th, 8am PT for a chance to score this limited edition wearable.

And to cap Genesis Week, Upland is adding the city of Berlin to it’s ever growing world map. The team plans to open Berlin in-game with a live event in the real world Berlin on June 9th, 10am PT! You can see the full, official schedule of events for Genesis Week here.

Genesis Week Events

For Genesis Week we have a number of events, including a Thrifty Trader Challenge. This competition sees players rated for all of their property trading done this week (from June 5th, 9am PT until June 9th, 9am PT). Players will receive an ‘Efficiency Score’ based on their trades, with the top 200 traders receiving prizes such as Spark, UPX tokens, and Block Explorers. You can read more about how the Efficiency Score is calculated in their blog post.

There is also a daily Genesis Challenge. For this event, players receive points for doing pretty much anything in game. Daily drawings reward random players who have accumulated points with various prizes. Those on the top of the leaderboards at the end can earn additional prizes including transportation Terminals! In addition, any players who accumulate at least 300 points in the Genesis Challenge event will receive special Badges marking their accomplishment.

how to earn points in the Upland Genesis Week Challenge
how to earn points in the Upland Genesis Week Challenge

Upland also gives us a Master Hunter Challenge, rewarding players for collecting the most treasures. And a special Scavenger Hunt that starts on Wednesday the 7th. For this event, players have to pay an entry fee of 5000 UPX, of which 50% goes to the prize pool, and the other 50% is returned when the player completes the Hunt. The quickest 200 players to finish the Scavenger Hunt earn prizes.

In addition, the top players of all of these events will receive entries into the Grand Prize drawing. The Grand Prize is a Golden Genesis Totem — to be used in an upcoming update that brings life into the world of Upland. This Genesis Totem will be an exclusive, one of a kind Totem with all of the best stats. Truly a prize for worth fighting for!

Genesis Totem
Genesis Totem Grand Prize

What is Upland?

Upland is a free to play, property trading and city-building game where players can explore cities, collect properties and meet other players. The play-to-earn game is available on Android, iOS, and the Web. 

Each player in Upland is given a status determined by his/her net worth based on property and token holdings. The different ranks are Visitor, Uplander, Director, Executive, Pro, and Chief Executive. When a user joins the game for the first time, he is assigned Visitor status. And though players can buy properties right from the start, they can’t sell them until they reach Uplander status.

The official currency in Upland is UPX. However, this is an in-game currency only and cannot be traded between players.

Players earn passive UPX just by owning properties. They also receive income anytime another player “sends” themselves to an owned property. In addition, players can complete Collections in-game by owning specific properties (five properties in the same city, for example). These provide a one-time UPX payout and then a passive boost to UPX earning as long as you maintain that Collection. Players can also buy UPX tokens directly from Upland.

Upland has expanded greatly over time, now encompassing more than a dozen cities. They have also introduced customization, allowing players to construct buildings and decorate their properties, as well as building tools for third-party developers. Players can also own shops, selling their own, customized Block Explorers!

To learn more about Upland, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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