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Ascenders City Simulation Alpha Playtest

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On June 8th, Ascenders plans to open up a City Simulation playtest for holders of their land plot NFTs. This will be an alpha test running on the Arbitrum test network.

Ascenders held their land sale just last month, though it was a bit of a dissapointing turnout, with less than half of the available plots purchased. But the Ascenders team is still moving forward, releasing an alpha playtest for Ascenders Simulation, a base building game in which these land NFTs will play a vital part!

This playtest doesn’t offer any immediate rewards. And all of the player progress will be wiped before beta, which will be on the mainnet. However, the team does promise to airdrop rewards to alpha testers later based on the time and effort they put into helping test, reporting bugs, and providing feedback.

a Colossal sized land plot

What is Ascenders Simulation?

Ascenders Simulation is a companion game to the Ascenders MMO game. Much like Illuvium Zero for Illuvium Overworld. And it features the same sort of base building, resource gathering, trading, and crafting features.

Players choose whether to side with Olympus City or Alexandria. And though this choice will affect available resources, players can still use all of their Premium Land NFTs, even if those associated with the other faction. In fact, the Land NFTs, or Premium Lands, act as an extension for the Home Land, which is the base starting point for all players. Players must clear debris, upgrade their base, unlock new features and buildings, and build a portal to access construction on their Premium Lands. Larger size land NFTs provide more options for construction and resource extraction.

Ascenders Simulation uses a currency called AGEM. AGEM is used for pretty much everything in-game. Players can sell items to the city merhcants to acquire AGEM tokens. Players will also need a variety of resources, both raw and processed, to grow and build their city.

The ultimate constructions in Ascenders Simulation are Components. Components will be needed to craft SFTs, items that can boost production of plots. Components will also have futher uses in future updates.

The playtest is scheduled to open on June 8th, 2023. You will need a land plot to participate. Plots can purchased from Open Sea for about 0.035 ETH

What is Ascenders?

Ascenders is a sci-fi / fantasy, action MMO in development on the Arbitrum blockchain. Featuring an open world experience on an alien planet where players must build up their civilization, Ascenders also offers instanced dungeons and PvP. Ascenders will focus heavily on crafting. Players won’t find ready to equip items when out adventuring. Instead they will find parts and resources which can be combined into the items.

Ascenders will include a dual token system. Their blockchain token, AGC (Ascenders Governance Council) is expected to launch in the second half of 2023. The game currency will be GC (Glow Gems).

And while the primary game is still a ways off, the team is releasing Ascenders Simulation, a base building, resource gathering game, in early summer of 2023.

To learn more about Ascenders, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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