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Blocklords Opens Community Beta

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Blocklords soft launched the beta version of their town building strategy game not long ago to their dedicated community. Now they open up a Community Beta to the wider public, including potential rewards for the top players!

Blocklords launches into a new Community Beta, available to everyone. This beta is open now and runs through June 10th.

Blocklords is offering a number of prizes to the top performers in the Community Beta. One of those prizes is a special Discord role called the Founders Society. This role will be given to the top 100 players in regards to experience earned. It comes with a number of perks including an exclusive Discord channel, AMA sessions with the developers, and automatic whitelisting for future mints!

There are also prizes for those who farm the most resources, hold the most gold at the end of the event, and who import the most Heroes into the game. In addition, anyone who manages to complete the full experience track (10k experience) during this beta will receive a special Militia Hero.

quests and Milita Hero reward in Blocklords beta
quests and Milita Hero reward in Blocklords beta

And, we also have a special raffle for Polly Gunn, the first Legendary Hero from Blocklords on the Polygon blockchain. Legendary Lords can control entire regions of the map, extorting passive taxes from everyone in their domain. So this is a valuable NFT! Users can enter this contest by creating some sort of content around Blocklords, and submitting their entry here – This can be a blog post, a meme, a stream, podcast,etc. Submissions must be sent before May 17th, 11am CST.

You can download the game from the official Blocklords website and start playing now!

Blocklords beta screenshot
beta screenshot

Blocklords Gameplay

Blocklords is a town building, resource production game. Players manage their workers, harvest resources, and construct buildings. The game features a tutorial that guides the player through the beginning of the game.

Blocklords includes NFTs on both Polygon and the Immutable X chains. Players can import their Heroes from either location into the game. Attaching a hero to a group of workers increases their productivity and other stats. The game feature an event system, which, in my experience, is mostly annoying in that your lose resources more often than not. Hopefully they tweak their events to be more meaningful and fun in the future.

The game is still in early development, so there is a limited amount to do. Once you finish the tutorial you’ve reached the limit of new buildings to construct. After that, it’s just grinding for resources and working on completing the quests. Blocklords includes daily, weekly, and seasonal quests.

The team is releasing regular updates and has plans for expanded cities, interconnected markets, wars, PvP, and more!

To learn more about Blocklords, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

the future of Blocklords
the future of Blocklords

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