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Play to Earn Games to Watch in May

The playtests for web3 games are coming fast and furious! Too fast to play them all (though I try!). You can find something from pretty much any gaming genre. Here are a few games to watch in May.

There is always plenty of action in web3 gaming these days. And while we cover as many of the games as we can, here are a few in particular that may be worth watching in the coming month.

Mojo Melee

Mojo Melee enters open beta soon. During this beta, players will have an opportunity to play and earn their way onto the whitelist for an upcoming, free, NFT mint! This playtest will be completely free and provide a chance for participants to ‘play to mint’!

We don’t have an exact date for the beta to begin, but I expect it to be this month, hopefully within the next week or two!


MOBA Games

DOTA2, a MOBA style game, is the biggest eSport in the world. And really, this type of game seems a perfect fit for web3 gaming!

Spider Tanks has a first mover advantage when it comes to the world of web3, MOBA, eSport games. But they have yet to really take advantage of it. Perhaps their latest update will help propel them forward. But in the meantime, there are plenty of up and coming MOBA games.

Tearing Spaces is currently in closed beta, Wildcard and The Machines Arena are having ongoing playtests. The Harvest is making some game updates and should have a new playtest announcement for us soon. Just to name a few!


With Influence set to launch this summer, their final test and earn event should kick off sometime soon. These events let players accumulate SWAY tokens, the game currency, simply by logging on to the test network and completing a few actions in-game.

And though Farsite and Star Atlas are also building space-based MMOs, it looks like Influence will be the first to launch. With their detailed production system, interconnected economy, and the ability for player control of sections of the game universe, Influence looks set to become the web3 version of Eve Online. Add onto that a realistic simulation of orbital mechanics, and you have a very interesting game in the making!

Influence food production chain
a production chain in Influence

Champions Ascension

Champions Ascension continues to march forward with their development. Soon there will be a group PvE game, and another sort of PvE game that features players trying to make it through levels designed by other players!

But in the meantime, we have a new style of arena combat known as the Vault of Carnage. This game mode sees 15 players face off in a free for all arena with traps, boosts, and environmental obstacles! In fact, if you want to give it a try, they are holding a special playtest, partnered with Fractal Gaming. This playtest opens on May 2nd, 5pm CST, is open to everyone (you don’t even need a wallet!), and will feature the Vault of Carnage. This event will only be open for an hour though. So don’t be late!

You can download Champions Ascension here.

Vault of Carnage!
Vault of Carnage!

NFT Worlds

Though they aren’t quite ready for a full resurrection, a lot has been happening in NFT Worlds. In fact, this week they are re-issuing their world NFTs. Current World owners won’t need to do anything. Their new World will be airdropped into their wallet. For anyone considering purchasing a World NFT, I would suggest waiting until after the migration completes later this week.

This is part of their rebranding project which should fully kick in on May 5th. We don’t yet know the new, official name of this project, but it will be something that is not so web3-focused. They have also announced that they will be creating their own sidechain to help serve the players and world owners.

This steady stream of updates has caused the floor value of the NFT Worlds NFTs to double over the past few months!

a screenshot from the new NFT Worlds client
a screenshot from the new NFT Worlds client
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