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The Sandbox Mega City 3 Land Sale

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The Sandbox brings us another land sale! Dubbed the Mega City 3 Land Sale, this event sees over 250 plots up for grabs, with a bundle of of special assets NFTs available for those who purchase premium plots.

At some point, The Sandbox will run out of new plots to sell. But we’re not quite there yet as The Sandbox brings us another land sale!

This sale follows the same raffle system as the last few Sandbox land sales. Players must hold at least 1,011 SAND tokens and sign up on the Sandbox website. Those who win the raffle will be randomly assigned one of the plots available. This sale offers 222 regular lands and 12 premium lands in the raffle. There will also be 6 estates and 12 plots available in auctions on Open Sea.

Mega City 3 land raffle info
Mega City 3 land raffle info

Mega City 3 Land Raffle

Signing up for the raffle starts on April 26th and runs through May 10th, 3am UTC. Users must have cleared the KYC process for The Sandbox to participate and they must also have enough SAND tokens in their wallet for the type of plot they sign up for — 1,011 tokens for a regular plot and 4,683 tokens for a premium plot. There is also an option to sign up for both raffles.

For reference, regular plots are currently going for ~$900 and premium plots for ~$1250 (USD) on secondary markets. At current values for SAND tokens, 1,011 tokens equates to about $600, while 4,683 tokens would be $2750! So it’s quite cheaper to buy regular plots during these raffles. The difference in value for premium plots comes from the NFT bundle that is included with a premium raffle sale (but NOT included on secondary purchases). The NFTs from these bundles for this sale include a CyberSword, racing helmet, a shoulder cape, several characters, and more.

Raffle results will be announced on May 11th at 11am UTC, and winners can make their purchase from May 11th 12pm UTC to May 15th, 12pm UTC. Any plots that aren’t purchased during that window will be put up for auction on Open Sea.

land sale details
land sale details

Sandbox Land

Sandbox land plots provide their owners with a number of benefits. Land owners can join a limited, SAND staking pool, receive access to special events and early access to new features, and will receive airdrops of Gems and Catalysts sometime in 2023. Gems and Catalysts will be used to enhance items in The Sandbox.

But, the real reason to own a land in The Sandbox is to build your own game or social experience. This includes art galleries, music clubs, hangouts, and whatever else can be imagined and built. Eventually, land owners will even be able to monetize their experiences. The Sandbox offers VoxEdit, a tool for creating and animating game assets, and Game Maker, a software app for building, designing, and publishing your own Sandbox experience. Both are free to use and receive regular updates with new features.

To learn more about The Sandbox, read our complete Sandbox Review and guide here. You can also visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

an event in The Sandbox
an event in The Sandbox
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