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A First Look at Iskra

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With Iskra dominating the weekly charts in terms of active gamers, it’s time that we took a look at this web3 platform and find out what it’s all about!

Iskra is a gaming platform. with built-in tools to help web3 developers connect with gamers. This includes wallet services, a marketplace, and even a DEC (decentralized exchange). This is a similar approach that we see from a growing number of companies including Immutable X, Vulcan Verse, and Mobox, just to name a few.

The Iskra portfolio includes six games in total, but only one currently available – Three Kingdoms Multiverse. Three Kingdoms Multiverse is a mobile RPG game where players assemble teams of characters and battle their way through a storyline. It does include NFTs and their own token, making it a web3 enabled game. But Iskra also features a daily spin and win activity on their website. And according to the app page, Three Kingdoms Multiverse has only been downloaded 10k+ times. So the bulk of the 500k+ active weekly users reported by DappRadar must be interacting with the spinner game.

Participants can win ISK or CP tokens or Mission cards with the spins. Mission Cards are collectible items. Players who complete sets of them can redeem them for ISK tokens. There are literally hundreds of thousands of these cards available on Open Sea for pennies with the rarer ones costing as much as $2 USD. So they’re not especially valuable. But, if bot owners are willing to mine Alien Worlds for fractions of tokens, I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t also be willing to automate their daily, free claims here. And I suspect that accounts for a lot of the current activity on the Iskra platform.

NFT cards from the spin game
NFT cards from the spin game

More about Iskra

Iskra strives to be a decentralized platform and has Pioneer NFTs which allow users to run the platform nodes. Similar to what Gala Games is doing with their nodes. Iskra has their own governance token, ISK token, ISK token can be staked and holders can submit proposals for the platform.

Even though their active player numbers on the charts are a bit misleading, the idea behind the platform of building tools and services to help easily onboard both players and developers is certainly worthwhile. Hopefully Iskra will be able to show that they are are long-term and worthwhile platform with quality games.

Iskra does have more play and earn games in the pipeline. The next one up is called ClashMon Ignition, another RPG with both PvE and PvP.

To learn more about Iskra, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Three Kingdoms Multiverse screenshot
Three Kingdoms Multiverse screenshot
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