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Another gaming ecosystem throws their hat into the arena with a free to play, one-on-one, FPS titled One Tap. This first game from Qorbi World will include blockchain rewards, NFT assets, and is currently in alpha testing.

It seems that an increasing number of development studios are no longer content to create one game. Instead they want to build a suite of games that are interconnected. Usually that connection just comes simply from the platform and the token. But some ecosystems are building out cross-game NFTs. In the case of Qorbi World, that NFT is known as a Qorb. Qorbs are unique avatar-style characters, and owning one is required to receive any earnings in any of the Qorbi World games.

The first game from the Qorbi World franchise is One Tap, a one-on-one FPS.

deploy your Jaguar pet in One Tap
deploy your Jaguar pet in One Tap

What is One Tap?

One Tap is the first game from Qorbi World. It is a 1v1 FPS deathmatch game. It includes the usual machine guns, pistols, grenades, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, melee weapons, and more. But the players aren’t fighting completely alone. They also get to bring along a pet who provides bonus abilities!

One Tap Arena will include a number of game modes and a variety of maps. Players fight to the best out of 15 rounds (first to 8 wins), with players alternating map selection, but the game choosing a random game mode to play for each round.

One Tap is currently in alpha testing. Those who are interested in participating in the One Tap alpha can fill out a form to join the waitlist.

weapons for One Tap alpha
weapons for One Tap alpha

What is Qorbi World?

Qorbi World is a collection of free to play games, focused on bringing eSports to web3 gaming. Qorbi World will (or has already?) offer a Founder Qorb NFT collection that includes the usual perks – staking, earning potential, exclsuive games, DAO voting, etc.

However, their NFT collection status is unclear. They seem to have no official links at all to any NFT markets. I found one collection of Pet Eggs on Immutable X, but I have no indication as to its legitimacy, and I haven’t received any responses to my questions on their very low traffic Discord. So, I’m not sure what is up with all of this, but Qorbi World needs to get their act together if they plan on surviving in the web3 gamespace.

Qorbi World also has their own token, QORBI, which lives on the Solana blockchain.

To learn more about One Tap and Qorbi World, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

NFT collections for Qorbi Worlds
NFT collections for Qorbi Worlds
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