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MegaWorld Implements Cross-Chain Dependencies

MegaWorld paper factory

MegaWorld made a number of changes and updates to their game recently, including the addition of Paper, a new resource which is needed by Offices. Creating Paper requires cross-chain resources, stimulating the global game economy! This is a big move for MegaWorld and should provide a boost to the game activity.

MegaWorld released their third city earlier this year. This latest one living on the Binance Chain. Their plan all along was to introduce cross-chain dependencies between the three connected networks (Binance Chain, Tron, and Ethereum), and now that feature is live with the introduction of Paper.

Paper making guide showing cross-chain dependencies
Paper making guide showing cross-chain dependencies

Paper is a vital resource because without it, Offices won’t generate their passive income. Most Office owners probably won’t want that income interrupted! And though they don’t have to make the Paper themselves, someone does. But creating Paper requires Mixes from Tron, and Composite from Binance Chain, and assembly on Ethereum, making the whole process into an interconnected economy.

Another change to Offices is that they will now check every hour for passive income earnings, forcing owners to keep their Citizens stationed in the Offices to earn. Apparently there were some shenanigans with players switching Citizens around to time the daily earnings and then also use the Citizens elsewhere. This should put a stop to that!

But it’s not all bad news for Office owners. A new interface will provide more details about each Office’s share and earnings. And in addition, Citizens stationed in Offices now lose less Stamina per production cycle. They must have added some comfy chairs!

Alpha and Building Customization

Starting on April 20th, plot owners will be able to combine adjacent land plots, creating larger tracts of land for easier trading or for constructing larger, custom buildings. Players can already begin designing their own custom building at . And though these custom creations cannot be deployed yet, that feature is expected to arrive in May.

Custom buildings have an interesting feature known as Units. Each custom plot can have multiple Units on it defined by the builder, each of which can be minted as a separate NFT and sold or rented for other players! Potential uses include homes, businesses, storage, and crafting shops! Builders can even create multiple floors! Of course, the costs in resources required for construction increase with complexity, but the customization abilities are already extensive, even in this early version.

MegaWorld builder in action
MegaWorld builder in action

And then, later in the year will the MegaWorld Alpha. The alpha will bring additional features to the Citizen avatars in the game. There will be quests to earn MEGA tokens, tied to buildings. And the buildings will all need these quests completed in order to produce resources!

Units from custom plots will be a critical part of the Avatar and Mission portion of the gameplay. Players will need to own a Unit before they can withdraw any MEGA earned from Missions. They will also serve as respawn points when entering the game. So there could be a market for that high-rise apartment building!

What is MegaWorld?

MegaWorld is a virtual city and economic simulation resembling a modern city with streets, buildings, cars, etc. In this game, players can own Citizens, Pets, Land Plots, and even whole Districts. The basic game features players walking (or driving) around the city, completing tasks, and earning MEGA tokens. The game will be free to play, though completing certain tasks may require owning a Citizen NFT.

For those who wish to be more invested, plot ownership allows players to create a variety of buildings from homes, to offices, to factories. Players can even choose to create a custom building on their plot. Buildings earn income in various ways, though they also require upkeep and have a chance to be hit by natural disasters. Players create most of the in-game items, including new Citizens.

Mega World is slowly building a complex economy with interconnected blockchains. With the ultimate goal a series of living cities, occupied by players.

To learn more about MegaWorld, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

a section of MegaWorld
a bird’s eye view of MegaWorld
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