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David Bowie Coming to Gala Music

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Gala Music brings a never released version of Let’s Dance by David Bowie to their music streaming platform. Available for only a limited time, this track will be available on a “pay what you wish” system!

On April 14th 2023, it will be the 40 year anniversary of the well-known and iconic track from David Bowie, Let’s Dance. Still played on radio stations today! To celebrate, Gala Music will be debuting a never before heard version of Let’s Dance, produced by Larry Dvoskin.

This sale uses a ‘pay what you wish’ pricing system. Meaning exactly that. You choose how much you want to pay for it!

However, before you decide to pay nothing, you should know that all of the proceeds will given to Music Cares, a non-profit focused on providing health and human services to musicians, who generally don’t have insurance or easy access to other support. This includes areas such as mental health, addiction recovery, health services, legal assistance, and a safety net for times of hardship.

This is a big get for Gala Music. While they already have tracks from well-known names such as Kings of Leon and Death Row Records, David Bowie is by far the biggest. Paired with the open pricing system, this release should bring a lot of fresh faces to the Gala Music ecosystem!

To participate, you will need an account on Gala Music, and probably some ETH for transaction fees in your Gala Wallet. We don’t have a specific time for the sale to start, but it is supposed to begin on April 14th and last for only 40 hours.

Gala Music marketing info
Gala Music marketing info

What is Gala Music?

Gala Music is a web3 music distribution and streaming service. It is “a community-powered ecosystem rewarding artists, content owners, supporters and listeners as it grows.” Unfortunately, I have to just paste some marketing speak from Gala Music’s website because they don’t see to have any actual information on their system beyond a bunch of marketing slides!

But we do know that the Gala Music experience includes user owned Nodes and Tracks. Nodes are the distributed server system for hosting the music Tracks. Node owners receive rewards based on how long their Node is up and running. And Track owners receive payouts when their track is played. Tracks need to be paired with Nodes, and a user can own both.

They also talk a lot about connecting artists and their communities. Presumably this is their ‘All Access’ experience. This system lets users accumulate points which they can use for concerts, live streams, and merchandise.

New tracks are released on a weekly basis, but they are not cheap — about $100 each.

Gala Music is in a strong position. They are occupying a much needed niche, have a large studio, and presumably sufficient funds to bring their vision to life. And while there are other blockchain / NFT music services around, there are only a few. And Gala has the biggest name recognition among them. Hopefully they can deliver a meaningful system that does indeed put the power in the hands of the artists and the listeners!

To learn more about Gala Music, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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