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More Playtests from Gala Games

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Gala Games appears to be firing on all cylinders as they release regular updates for their released games, and open playtests for many of their other games in development. Just this month we have playtests for Walking Dead Empires, Eternal Paradox, Legends Reborn, Grit, and Last Expedition!

We’ve already talked about the upcoming Winter Demo playtest for The Walking Dead: Empires, so we won’t discuss that in any more detail here. And that’s because there are plenty of other playtests coming up soon as well!

Eternal Paradox

The Eternal Paradox playtest started earlier this week, on March 14th. It runs for two weeks total and is open to everyone with a Gala Games account. Unfortunately, this playtest is mobile only, but they do have builds available for both Android and iPhone users.

As a bonus, Eternal Paradox plans to reward the players in four different challenges. To participate, players will need to link their Gala Wallet in-game. Then, sometime after the playtest ends, the top three players in Combat Power, Challenge Mode, Destroy the Shakraam Legions, and Outlaw Hunting will earn Gems, the game currency. First place in each category earns $500 worth of Gems, second place $400, and third place $300.

Legends Reborn

The Legends Reborn playtest kicks off today (March 16th), at 11am PST. (UPDATE: Playtest is delayed. Keep a watch on their Discord announcements channel for new status reports.) We haven’t been given an end date, but their previous tests have run for two weeks, so we can probably expect the same here.

Legends Reborn is a TCG-style game, but with limited creatures. Each creature played to the board adds effect and spell cards to the player’s deck which they can then use on subsequent turns.

Legends Reborn is building two games really, one standard, non-web3 version that releases on Steam, and a web3 game that we expect to see with NFTs and the ability for players to monetize their playtime.

Last Expedition

Last Expedition launches into early access as they distribute Node Licenses to everyone who owns a Node Bundle on Monday, March 20th. Bundle owners will also receive a early access code Steam code that allows them to try out the latest dev build.

Last Expedition is a team based extraction game where each team races to be the first to extract three fragments while fighting hostile monsters as well as other players. Last Expedition relies on Node Operators running and hosting games, so it makes sense to let them get a first look at the game and try out the hosting features. Check out their recent YouTube video to see some of the gameplay.


Grit is a battle-royale style, western-themed FPS. You’ll need a key to try out their playtest, but all you have to do is sign up on

Grit holds regular playtests every Thursday, with varying time slots to try and accommodate players from around the world. Like most Gala Games, the best place to get the latest info is on their Discord server.

Gala Games

The Gala Games ecosystem is heating up. In addition to their growing stable of playable games, they are expanding into mobile, and have even launched side projects for distributing Music and Film as NFTs! Expect the announcements and new releases from Gala to keep coming!

To keep up with all of the latest from Gala Games, follow them on Twitter, join their Discord, and visit their website.

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