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Check Your Look With NFT Worlds Armory

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NFT Worlds releases the very first step of their game reboot with the Armory, a combination wardrobe, shop, and gameplay preview. It’s been a long eight months since NFT Worlds was forced to shutdown so it’s nice to see some life from this Minecraft-themed collection of virtual worlds.

NFT Worlds has been in rebuild mode ever since Minecraft announced that they specifically forbid any blockchain or NFT integration with their game. In response, the NFT Worlds decided to build their own Minecraft-style game, and along the way, integrate it natively with blockchain tech and build additional tools and services to help creators realize their own world vision.

We’ve seen some initial releases from MetaFab, an offshoot of NFT Worlds that seeks to create tools, contracts, and APIs that anyone can use to help onboard their game / app to the web3 space. But now, we get a first look at some of the functionality of the game engine they are making to replace Minecraft.

This functionality comes in the form of The Armory. Basically, The Armory is a wardrobe app for NFT Worlds. Players can put on different equipment, and get a preview of how it will look in-game. But this isn’t just a static view. There is actually a small, mini-world for players to run around in with their latest outfits. It also includes a in-game links to Open Sea, allowing players to purchase items and avatars. You can visit the Armory at

NFT Worlds recently airdropped lootboxes containing the first accessory NFTs to those holding NFT Worlds Avatars.

What is NFT Worlds?

NFT Worlds is gaming ecosystem inspired by Minecraft. Though their initial launch used the Minecraft code as a base, an announcement in mid-2022 from Microsoft brought that to an end. Since then, NFT Worlds has worked on building their own game, in the Minecraft style.

The rebooted game client is not yet available, but it will include innate web3 integration via MetaFab, and they also plan to make their game playable in a browser.

The world NFTs are fully customizeable by their owners. Owners are free to edit their world as they wish. At any time, owners can sync and save those changes back to the NFT. Any changes are then reflected in the NFT’s image! There aren’t many projects with mutable NFTs, so this is pretty cool to see in action. Once customized, the world can be synced up the blockchain, shared with other players, even leased and monetized!

NFT Worlds has their own token WRLD, which will power their game and ecosystem.

To learn more about NFT Worlds, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

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