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Smelt and Craft Wearables in the Aavegotchi Forge

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Aavegotchi prepares to launch The Forge, a system that lets players break down wearable items into components, and then use those components to craft new wearables!

The Aavegothchi crafting system is set to go online on February 22nd, 2023. Known as The Forge, this crafting system has two components, smelting and forging.

Smelting allows players to break existing Aavegotchi Wearables down into their base components of Schematics, Cores, Alloy. Forging allows players to use these components to create new Wearables.

Wearables are composed of three or four components — schematics, cores, alloys, and sometimes essence. Schematics function as the blueprint, defining what specific item is being crafted. Cores have an associated rarity and slot (ie face, body, etc) while Alloys are the basic construction material. Players need Essence to create Godlike items. However, Essence is only obtained by sacrificing Gotchis!

Crafting takes real-life time )based on item rarity), and each Gotchi can only have one item in construction at a time. Gotchis gain Blacksmithing skill from using The Forge. Higher level skill results in faster crafting times.

smelting in The Forge
smelting in The Forge

Smelting is pretty basic. Put your item in the smelter and receive the associated schematic, core, and 90% of the alloy used to craft it. To help players get started crafting, the Aavegotchi team plans to sell Cores and Schematics in their Auction House. These auctions begin when The Forge goes live.

In addition, there is a rumor that some items may contain special ores when smelted…

Rented Gotchis and Gotchis listed for sale may not use The Forge. You can read more details about The Forge in Aavegotchi on their official blog post.

What is Aavegotchi?

Aavegotchi is a collection of NFTs on Polygon that function as a pet, a playable character, and a gameified DeFi system. Aavegotchi are pixellated, 8-bit style ghosts. Players can mint new ones during special ‘Haunt’ events or by purchasing one on the secondary market. There have only been two Haunt events so far, generating 15K ghosts.

Gotchis have three primary attributes — Rarity, Kinship, and Experience. Players can increase Kinship by petting their Gotchi (up to twice a day) or consuming Kinship potions. Gotchis who are not petted lose one Kinship point per day. Experience gains come from community events, participating in governance voting, mini-games, and also consuming Experience potions.

But the big one is Rarity. Each Aavegotchi begins with a Rarity score based on their starting attributes. But this is where wearables come into play. By equipping wearable items, Gotchis can increase their Rarity score. Items that are compatible with the Gotchi’s traits provide larger bonuses. Gotchis also receive one Spirit Point for every three levels of Experience. Players use Spirit Points to improve one of their Gotchi’s traits.

For each of these three attributes, players compete on a leaderboard for a seasonal event called ‘Rarity Farming’. Every two weeks, players receive GHST rewards based on their Gotchi placements on these leaderboards. Each season lasts eight weeks.

There is an ever growing ecosystem around Aavegotchi, with an MMO style world in development.

To learn more about Aavegotchi, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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