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Develop Land in Axie Homeland Alpha Season 1

Axie Homeland season 1 alpha

Axie takes another step forward with their land game, Axie Homeland, announcing the imminent start of alpha season 1. Lasting for thirty days, this Axie Homeland alpha also includes leaderboards with token rewards for the top players!

Starting on February 22nd, at 11:30 GMT, Axie Homeland Alpha Season 1 brings the first version of AXS rewards to the game. And, since rewards are now available, everyone will see their progress reset and they must start building up their land from scratch again. Also, be prepared to have all progress erased at the end of alpha season one as well.

Alpha Season 1 will last for 30 days. At the end, of the season, the top 500 players in Passive Adventure and in Land Development earn mAXS (1,000 mAXS = 1 AXS token). For reference, one AXS token is currently worth about $11 USD. So the top player from the Passive Adventure leaderboard could win tokens worth over $2,000!

This will be the first chance that players have to receive rewards for decorating and developing their land plot. Also, the Passive Adventure feature will see some upgrades to the game mechanics, and the ability to form parties of up to three adventurers! In addition, the Axie team plans to hold a plot decorating contest during the season, also with AXS rewards.

rewards in Axie Homeland Alpha Season 1
rewards in Axie Homeland Alpha Season 1

Though apparently there will be some sort of free to play option in the future, right now, players must own an Axie land plot to participate in the Homeland alpha. Anyone who doesn’t already own an Axie land plot can pick one up from the official marketplace. But be warned, the floor price for an Axie land is approaching 1 ETH!

What is Axie Homeland?

Axie Homeland is a game about building and growing on your land plot while putting your Axies to work. The main goal of Homeland is to manage a settlement as efficiently as possible in order to equip adventurers with gear and supplies to defeat waves of monsters. The more successful these adventurers are, the more rewards the landowner receives. Players need to grow crops and construct buildings, assigning Axies to take care of the work.

Right now, Axie Homeland offers the following features:

  • Gather – gather raw materials from the surrounding environment
  • Craft – craft powerful gear and supplies for your adventurers
  • Trade – trade with native adventurers and other landowners for in-game currency
  • Decorate – beautify your land plot
  • Build – build the necessary infrastructure to craft gear and process raw materials
  • Passive Adventure – equip and send your adventurers to battle
  • Compete – strive to be one of the top players on the leaderboards
  • Explore – explore the world of Lunacia as landowners turn their empty land plots into massive settlements

Presumably, at some point in the future, this will tie back into Axie Origins, with both games supporting each other in different ways.

To learn more about the Axie ecosystem, follow them on Twitter, visit their website, and join their Discord.

Axie Infinity Homeland
build up your land plot in Axie Homeland
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