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Wildcard, an eSports focused, PvP, arena-style game released some news about their upcoming NFT mint and Game Exhibition happening over the next couple of months.

Wildcard, an in-development PvP, arena, eSports game, announced an upcoming game showcase and an NFT mint for their Genesis collection!

On February 23rd, Wildcard will be hosting a special game exhibition to showcase their gameplay and kick off a marketing campaign.

Dubbed Melee on the Meteor, this exhibition show will feature several matches. The first round is a best of three match among two of the best community playtesters. The second game will see two web3 streamers face-off. And then, in the final round, the winners from the first two rounds compete in a final bout for ultimate champion! And as a built-in part of the game, everyone who streams the event appears as an avatar in the crowd!

This is an interesting way to open a preview of the game while still controlling access. And since they have this eSport, arena feature built-in to the game, it’s a great way to test that functionality as well! This will be an open viewing for everyone, though the game may feature a ticketing system for bigger events as popularity grows.

We don’t really know much too about the game. But seemingly part deck builder, part twitch gaming, part auto-battler, part tower defense, Wildcard seems to have the potential for some very interesting gameplay.

To join in on playtests for Wildcard, players need to get on the allowlist. Wildcard has built a system around a Discord role known as Collector. Players can build up their Collector status, earning various rewards and bonuses along the way. Collector status ties in to a pin collection system. Participate in various Wildcard social media events to earn pins and raise your status. If you want to be a part of this system, you should head over to Discord and get linked up ASAP (though I’m continually being booted from their server for some reason)!

Wild Mint

The Wildcard team also revealed some details about their first mint which will occur sometime towards the end of March. This mint will be for packs of cards that hold NFTs to use in the game. The mint will be on the Polygon blockchain.

This first mint will be considered the Genesis collection. The specific creatures with their specific art will not be available again. Available are twelve creature summons in six rarity variants. Wild is the rarest of the rarities. These are unique, 1/1 cards. Rarities will provide various out of game bonuses, but won’t have any effect on gameplay. The Wildcard team says that have another 50 creature summons in various stages of design and development that will be released in later collections.

This first mint will be a limited collection. Details on supplies and prices are still yet to be revealed. There will also likely be early access available to the mint for those with the Collector role.

some of the Creatures available in the first mint
some of the Creatures available in the first mint

What is Wildcard?

Wildcard is a PvP, esport game. Gameplay revolves around building a deck of cards, then using those in a real-time arena to summon allies as you team tries to destroy your opponent’s goal. Players must actively play their Champion in-game, while also utilizing their cards to best effect.

To learn more about Wildcard, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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