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Cross the Ages Opens Marketplace on Immutable X

Cross the Ages Immutable X banner

Cross the Ages, a collectible card game, announces a new marketplace for their collectible cards on Immutable X. This move brings a gas-free option for players collecting NFTs, and puts another feather in the hat of Immutable X!

Another game joins the ever-growing crowd on Immutable X. Cross the Ages, a collectible card game announced the opening of their new marketplace on IMX.

With gas-free NFT trading, Immutable X continues to attract players and game developers. Offering NFTs from over a dozen collections, as well as use of a large number of tokens for payments, the IMX marketplace continues to grow.

This move brings extra exposure for Cross the Ages, as well as providing a way for their players to buy and sell NFT game cards without paying heavy amounts of fees. Cross the Ages is currently in open beta and players can download the game from their website.

Cross the Ages also recently partnered with DeQuest to create a series of quests with potential raffle rewards.

Cross the Ages cards in Immutable X marketplace
a few Cross the Ages cards for sale on the Immutable X marketplace

What is Cross The Ages?

Cross the Ages is a collectible NFT card game where players face off in intense turn-based duel matches. Each match lasts about five minutes. The game’s objective is to conquer and control more area of the battle arena than their opponent. Each game, players start with a selection of 20 digital cards. Then, 10 cards are randomly selected to form the player’s deck, and the fight starts. 

Kind of a cross between a collectible card game and the classic game of Go. Players choose creatures to play from their hand onto the board, trying to overpower the opponent’s creatures and flip them. If placed properly, a creature can cause adjacent creatures to flip to the owner’s side. Element affinities for cards have an effect as well, creating room for complex strategies.

The game has a rather unique idea of converting digital cards into physical ones, merging the digital and physical worlds.

Cross the Ages includes three different currencies, Trisel, Prana, and CTA. Trisel is the basic in-game currency. Players earn Trisel by winning matches and can then spend it to buy in-game assets. Prana seems to be just a conversion token to allow for purchase of game chests and cosmetics. Players buy Prana from the game shop.

CTA is the primary token, used for minting NFTs, joining tournaments, and transforming NFTs in physical cards. Players can acquire CTA by converting Prana tokens, or purchasing it directly from external markets.

To learn more about Cross the Ages, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Cross the Ages game screenshot
Cross the Ages game screenshot

What is Immutable X?

Immutable X is an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs. Developed as an offshoot from Gods Unchained, when the team realized that high gas fees were a major hindrance to card trading, Immutable X has grown quickly into a significant NFT marketplace. Immutable X has attracted a growing array of projects to its platform. Some notable names include Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, and Ember Sword. But it’s not just for gaming NFTs. Immutable X also hosts dozens of other NFT projects.

The platform went live in 2021 and launched its token later that year. There are no gas fees when trading on IMX. However, there are ‘protocol’ fees of 2% on every trade and sometimes market fees from the projects as well. The platform supports over a dozen tokens including ETH, IMX, GODS, and GOG tokens. Most tokens for the games available on the platform can be used for purchases.

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