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Build and Earn with VoxEdit and Blankos

VoxEdit folklore contest banner

The build and earn segment on web3 gaming continues to gain traction. Today we bring you news of two new build and earn opportunities, one for creating a Sandbox asset with VoxEdit, the other a chance to create a Party for Blankos Block Party.

A growing segment of the web3 gaming world has begun to include build and earn opportunities. Normally modders for games are left to their own devices in regards to monetization. But in the web3 world, we see more events where those who can create useful or fun content for these games are rewarded.

Today we bring you two such contests that are open now. The winners will have their entries added to the associated game, and will also receive rewards.

As I was writing this article, The Sandbox and VoxEdit just announced yet another content creation contest! This one has the theme of “Cyber-Myth: Post-Human Age Goddesses”. Read the blog post for more information.

VoxEdit Folklore Contest

VoxEdit is the official asset creator/editor for The Sandbox. They have been holding regular contests for asset creators for some time. And, as the quality of entries improves, so do the rewards! The latest VoxEdit contest includes 15,000 SAND in prizes for the top 10 entries.

The theme for this contest is Folklore. They want creators to show us the mythical creatures of their homelands in voxel form! Submissions opened on January 23rd and close on February 5th, 11:59pm UTC. Reviews and voting runs from February 6th through the 19th, with results announced on February 25th. All entries must be made with VoxEdit and there are some other rules as well. Be sure to read the official contest post for details.

Players must submit a GIF of their animated asset (Gyazo is the recommended app for this task), make a tweet of the GIF using the hashtag #VoxEditWeekly and tag @VoxEdit and @TheSandboxGame. Then, as a final step, builders must fill out the official contest form.

Blankos Block Party Lunar New Year Build

Meanwhile, Blankos Block Party is holding a Lunar New Year themed build contest. To participate, players need to create a new Party, themed around the Lunar New Year or the Year of the Rabbit.

The submission for this contest runs from January 23rd to February 24th, 5pm PST. The team will hold an internal vote to choose the top two entries, and there will also be a community vote to choose their favorite. The winners will be announced on March 2nd. Then the games will be showcased on the official Blankos Twitch stream on March 17th, with rewards sent out soon after that.

Only one entry allowed per person. Read the official post for the full list of rules.

1st Place Prizes:

  • Grandmaster Jin Blanko
  • Year of the Ox Bell Accessory
  • Community Chrome Accessory
  • Heartbreaker’s Bunny Ears Accessory

2nd Place Prizes:

  • Grandmaster Jin Blanko
  • Community Chrome Accessory
  • Heartbreaker’s Bunny Ears Accessory

In addition, everyone who participates will receive 5,000 XP Chips and 2 Gumballs.

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