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Stake SIN for SinVerse Land Whitelist

Sinverse staking banner

SinVerse announced their ‘Last Chance Saloon’ event, a last chance to stake SIN tokens, beginning on January 24th. Not only do stakers share a pool of 2.5M SIN tokens as rewards, but they can also claim one or more whitelist spots for an upcoming land sale!

With their previous staking pools filling up within a few hours, SinVerse has decided to give users one more chance to stake SIN tokens with their ‘Last Chance Saloon’ staking event! Starting on January 24th, 9pm UTC, players can join a new staking pool for SinVerse. By staking SIN tokens, users can earn more SIN tokens. And, if they stake enough, whitelist spots for the next land sale!

The staking site opens on January 24th at 9pm UTC. Staked tokens are locked for six months, and all stakers share a portion of the pool of 2.5 million SIN tokens and the end of the lockup period. Users can stake as much or as little as they want, but the staking pool has a maximum total size of 10M SIN tokens. The base APY% for this pool is set to 50%!

In addition to receiving SIN tokens, Stakers can also earn up to five whitelist spots for the upcoming land sale. For every 20k SIN tokens staked, stakers earn one land sale whitelist spot, up to 100k tokens. The date for this land sale has not yet been set.

The staking system and SIN tokens exist on the Binance Smart Chain. So players will need some BNB tokens for transaction costs. You can access this new SIN staking pool at


What is SinVerse?

Billing themselves as the ‘R-rated Metaverse’, SinVerse is kind of combination of GTA online and the standard virtual worlds like Decentraland. Featuring GTA style gameplay with cars and guns and such, SinVerse also includes player owned shops and businesses, and the ability to build a criminal empire in-game.

In Sinverse, players own land plots throughout the city — 15,000 plots across 17 Districts. Each District is associated with a specific faction and contains unique resources or boosts. Players can build on their land plots and open businesses if they have purchased the appropriate licenses. Construction requires collecting resources in-game, which could potentially lead to local factions and turf wars.

SinVerse has partnered with Vulcan Verse to help develop the game. SinVerse is still in development and holds play events every once in a while.

But in the meantime, you can head over to their webpage and try out the demo. Follow them on Twitter and join their Discord for more info.

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