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Register for Metalands Alpha 2.0

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There is still some time left to register for the 2.0 version of the Metalands alpha! This FPS game will introduce a new PvP mode that adds a twist to the idea of battle royale.

The registration for Metalands alpha 2.0 remains open through Friday, January 27th. Interested players can register at the official Google docs form. The Metalands team says that selected players will receive rewards. Likely for those who find important or tricky bugs and those who provide quality feedback. Or maybe it will just require some active participation in the alpha playtest!

The previous alpha preview only had PvE combat, but Alpha 2.0 will bring the first taste of PvP to the public. Which should be quite interesting, as Metalands plans to introduce a ‘Hybrid Battle Royale’ game mode!

Metalands at night
Metalands at night

Hybrid Battle Royale

Metalands plans to introduce a gameplay mode they call Hybrid Battle Royale. In typical battle royale games, it’s open PvP, everyone is on their own, and the playable map slowly shrinks over time.

Metalands wants to keep those aspects while also shaking the dynamic up a bit. Hybrid Battle Royale mode will feature loot crates, PvE, and PvP! Crates drop randomly on the map and are really the ultimate goal of the match. They contain resources such as Cifireum (CIFI), blueprints (for crafting), comic books and other in-game resources.

There will also be some sort of map progression associated with this, but I didn’t find an explanation of how that works. Player looting will be an option as well.

Metalands screenshot
Metalands screenshot

What is Metalands?

Metalands is a first person shooter with PvE, PvP, and a mixed mode with both player and NPC enemies! Rebranded from Citizen Finance, Metalands connects to the Polygon blockchain. Players will gain levels as they play. Players gain experience by competing daily and weekly contracts or missions, and also just by playing the game. They can equip various weapons and character skins, though some may be gated by the player’s current level.

Metalands features player housing the form of Bunkers. Players build and upgrade their Bunkers where they can craft new weapons and decorate it to suit their style. Metalands plans to have some sort of progressive, open world feature, allowing players to harvest resources and battle NPC enemies. The game will also feature guilds in the form of Alliances.

The Metalands economy includes three tokens. CIFI, a blockchain token with a max supply of 50 million, and Meta and xMeta, both in-game currency. xMeta tokens can be exchanged for CIFI tokens. There is a large and awkward list of what each token can be used for on their economy post.

Players can earn xMeta and Meta tokens when they win matches. There will also be earning opportunities via crafting, holding events, and selling ad space in bunkers. Metalands will feature a system known as Reward Pass. Players must purchase a Reward Pass with CIFI tokens to earn tokens from winning matches. These Passes come in various levels, with higher levels having a higher cap for maximum monthly earnings.

In addition, Metalands will feature what they call ‘smart NFTs’ — basically mutable NFTs that can level-up and gain traits.

To learn more about Metalands, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

Apes in Metalands?
Apes in Metalands?
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