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Whisper of Soul Video Review

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In this Whisper of Soul Video Review, we will cover the closed alpha of this dark-themed action RPG, which is a game that will make all Dark Soul fans feel at home. In the end, we also talk a bit about the future tokens of Whisper of Soul, $WOS, and $SOUL, the NFT collection of the project, and their utility.

How to Play?

Unfortunately, Whisper of Soul can not be played at this moment. The game was open for Elixir partners for just a weekend. Players will have to wait until the team finishes the new version to be able to jump into it and chop some heads off in this gruesome RPG.

Nevertheless, if you want to get ready for the upcoming version I recommend that you install Elixir games, the web3 gaming platform from which players will be able to access Whisper of Soul.

According to the team, the new version should be ready around Q2 of 2023 and players can count on new features like:

  • New Character Creator
  • Hero Skill System
  • New Inventory
  • New Targeting System
  • Skill Editing Interface

What is Whisper of Soul?

Whisper of Soul is a Dark Souls-like action RPG and in the future, a Battle Royale. Players start by creating a character that can belong to one of four races – Human, Orc, Elf, and Dwarf. After that, players can join a match. Now there is only 1v1 and Deathmatch, but the team is already working on a Battle Royale game mode.

In 1v1 the map is smaller and there is only one small arena for two players to fight for glory. In Deathmatch, the map was more extensive and it took some time beforeI found a player.

Attack animations are still a bit clunky, graphics need polishing, and the content is quite limited. But I was already expecting all of this since this is just an Alpha and not the full game. Even so, I believe they now have the foundation to build a great and enjoyable game.

Whisper of Soul Economy

Whisper of Soul, is a Solana project, and will have NFTs and two tokens — $WOS and $SOUL. NFTs will exist as skins and weapons. But, unlike skins in other games, they boost a player’s warrior stats depending on its rarity which can be Common, Rare, Exotic, Epic, or Legendary.

The rarity also affects the speed at which characters recover in the inn. If a character is fatigued his stats will be negatively affected. The first NFT Skins sale will start at 1 $SOL on Magic Eden. When it comes to weapon NFTs they will fall into the exact same rarities and, like skins, they will also have an impact on character stats.

All players can get NFTs of a higher rarity by fusing NFTs of a lower rarity. As an example, Common axes can be combined to create a Rare Axe,

The team will launch the $WOS token, capped at 1,3 billion, which can be used for buying NFTs, renting NFTs, staking. WOS will also be the governance token.

And, on its dual-token economy, the uncapped $SOUL token will be used to evolve equipment at the forge, upgrade characters. It can also be exchanged for WOS tokens. To get $SOUL while playing the game, players need a Soul Gatherer.

Whisper of Soul Gameplay
Whisper of Soul Gameplay