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Cometh Galactic Masters Tournament

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Looking for something to do in February? How about participating in the Galactic Masters Tournament for Cometh? With a grand prize of $1500, and many other prizes along the way, there are plenty of opportunities to play and earn!

Cometh, the spaceship battling, deck building card game, has announced a Galactic Masters Tournament in February of 2023. The final Galactic Masters tournament will consist of 16 players. But leading up to that will be a number of qualifying events. Six in fact, two Sector Missions and four Sector Cups.

Tournament Info

Cups are basically mini-tournaments. Each Cup lasts two days and is open to everyone. Each match is a best of three.

  • Sector Cup #1 Cygnus: January 31st to February 1st
  • Sector Cup #2 Centaurus: February 3rd to February 4th
  • Sector Cup #3 Sagittarius: February 7th to February 8th
  • Sector Cup #4 Perseus: February 10th to February 11th

The top two players for each Sector Cup earn a pot in the Masters tournament.

The Sector Missions each involve a five day leaderboard competition, followed by a two day playoff bracket. Every player’s ELO will reset at the beginning of a new Sector Mission. After five days, the top 16 qualify for the playoff bracket. Playoff brackets are single elimination, best of three format.

The top four players for each Sector Mission playoff win a chance to compete in the Galactic Masters Tournament.

  • Sector Mission #1 Periphery: January 19th to January 23rd 2023,12 PM CET
  • Sector Mission #2 Core: February 13th through February 17th, 2023, 12 PM CET

If a player has already a spot in the Masters from a prior competition, their newly earned spot goes to the next available player with the highest rank from the event.

The Galactic Masters Tournament is a single elimination, best of five competition. The grand finale will consist of a best of seven match.

Interested participants must register on . Players will need to check-in 15 minutes before each tournament and players will need to arrange a private match with each of their opponents.

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Tournament Prizes

Players can earn prizes in USDC for each section of the tournament series. First place in a Sector Mission is worth $420, second place $270, and third place $180. Prizes continue to scale down from there but reach all the way to 150th place, which still earns $6. Sector Cups reward the top player with $270, but then only go so far as the top 16, with $25 each for 9th through 16th positions.

And then, finally, the Galactic Masters! Just making it this far is worth $100 for the bottom seven finishers. Place 5 through 8 receive $200, 4th receives $300, third $600, second $1000, and the top place nets a nice purse of $1500 USDC!

Read the official Medium post for the full details on the tournament rules and prizes.

What is Cometh?

Cometh is a spaceship-battling, deck building game built on the Polygon blockchain. The Cometh gameplay will be mostly familiar to veterans of other trading card games. Players build a deck of 40 cards and face off in 1 vs 1 duels. Each player has a Spaceship that acts as their game avatar. When your Spaceship reaches zero health, you lose.

Players draw cards from their deck, then spend Energy to play the cards during their turn. Players can also use Energy to draw extra cards. Some cards are effects, damage, healing, etc, while other cards are ‘Orbiters’, friendly ships that help fight your opponent. There are also Secret cards, whose effect isn’t revealed to the opponent right away! With a wide selection of Starships and over 230 cards, Cometh offers plenty of opportunity for strategic deckbuilding and gameplay.

Cometh is free to play. Players can connect with a web3 wallet or an email address. The game includes a series of introductory tutorials. Completing the tutorials provides the player with a free set of 40 cards and a starter Spaceship. Players who finish the tutorial missions also receive Credits they can spend at the Galactic Shop.

And though players can’t earn game rewards with the starter ‘Mule’ ship, Cometh does include a rental option. Players can rent ship from other players for a base fee in MUST token, plus a percentage of their game earnings. Players also have the option of purchasing their own Starships.

In addition, players can purchase booster packs with Starships in-game, using resources they receive from winning battles.

To learn more about Cometh, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

a few items for sale in the Galactic Shop
buy cards to enhance your decks
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