Test and Earn with Influence, Phase 3 – Jan 25th

Influence test phase 3 banner

Influence announces the date for phase 3 of their test and earn game preview. Offering new features, functionality, and chances to earn SWAY tokens, this event begins on January 25th and is open to everyone!

This will be the third of the test and earn events from Influence. During these events, players who participate and complete specific tasks can earn SWAY tokens. In the past, tasks have included things such as buying an asteroid or creating a crew member.

This upcoming release brings us a number of new features related to extracting, moving, and storing resources. Now players can get down and dirty with their asteroids. Zooming in to individual plots and taking core samples to find the best spots for mining resources. They will then be able to setup mining operations, and move mined resources into warehouses.

surface transportation planning
surface transportation planning

As with the other test phases, this one will include a number of tasks. Players who complete these tasks receive a set amount of SWAY tokens. The tasks revolve around using various game features and completing specific actions. Expect pretty much any newly available activity to be available for reward earnings.

The test event will also include a content creator competition. This event offers rewards to those who create guides, reviews, etc, during the phase 3 testing. Phase 3 will officially come to a close once the rewards run out, though the game will continue to remain open for those who want to play around.

The game is currently open, though it won’t have any of the new features until the 25th. You can access it at

As usual, the test will occur on the Goerli network. Since the faucets for the testnet can often become overloaded when the test goes live, I would strongly suggest getting yourself setup with some ETH on Goerli ahead of time.

asteroid heat map

asteroid resource heat map

Adalian Creators Collective Program

And while we’ve been waiting for this next phase of the test and earn events, player created utilities have continued to expand and grow. Many of these receive extra funding from the Adalian Creators Collective program. This includes things such as detailed production chain planners, fan-created stories, translations, tools, and even a Chrome extension!

Voting for the projects is happening now for those who own Influence NFTs. And if you’re a interested developer or have an idea for a cool tool or other addition to the game, you might want to consider joining in when the next round starts. There will be two more rounds for this particular initiative, and the top spots earn millions of SWAY tokens.

What is Influence?

Influence is a space-based MMORPG. In Influence, a colony ship has arrived at its destination, only to find uninhabitable planets. After much debate, the ship commander decides that the passengers and crew would set up camp in an asteroid belt and begin building a new civilization. Players have already begun to lay claims to Asteroids in the belt, and soon will come mining crews, bases, merchants, wealth, and inevitably, conflict.

In addition to the Asteroids and Ships, players also own Crew NFTs. Crew have the option of creating a background storyline. This is done through a text story where the player makes choices for the Crew member. Based on those choices, the Crew member receives certain traits that affect their in-game skills, allowing players to personalize their NFTs.

Influence is offering some other unique features that make it stand out. Mainly, its adherence to a realistic simulation. Not only are the resource production processes complicated and based on real life, but the Asteroids themselves include orbital dynamics! This is not a static map. All the Asteroids are constantly moving in their orbits. Each Asteroid has an orbital period (how long it takes to complete one orbit), a semi-major axis (how far it is from the center), inclination (how angled the orbit is off from the orbital plane), and eccentricity (how stretched the orbit is from a perfect circle)! This all plays into effect as time progresses, causing the distance between any two Asteroids to vary daily!

There certainly will be a lot to process in this game. Luckily, some people are already building tools to help players figure out the complex production processes.

You can find more info on, the official Twitter account, and their Discord server.

food production chain
food production chain
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