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Splinterlands Adds Community Proposal System

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Community governance takes another step forward in the world of Splinterlands. The Splinterlands team just announced details of their first, ad-hoc version of community proposals. Anyone can pay a fee in DEC and write up their own proposal for consideration.

Splinterlands development keeps churning forward. And though the latest addition, community proposals, is not yet fully built into the game, it is a big step towards community governance.

Not long ago Splinterlands implemented community governance with in-game voting. But, all the voting proposals submitted so far came directly from the Splinterlands team. Now that will change as Splinterlands implements version 1 of their community proposal system.

Expect to see special channels added soon to the Splinterlands Discord for players to talk about and work on various community proposals. You can also read the official blog post announcement here. This system will likely change and adjust as it matures, but it’s already a big step for Splinterlands!

Splinterlands battle
Splinterlands battle

How to Submit a Proposal

To submit a proposal players must burn 100,000 DEC by sending it to null address. This is a one way transaction. No DEC sent to this address will ever be refunded, so be sure that you’re serious about submitting a proposal before burning your DEC. Also, the player must burn the DEC from the same account that posts the proposal.

Proposals must be written up on the Hive blockchain (Hive blog, PeakD, and Splintertalk should all be acceptable venues). The first line of the post should be the Hive blockchain transaction where the 100K DEC was sent. The post also needs to be tagged with #spsproposal.

Then, write up the details of the proposal and start spreading the word! Anyone who supports the proposal should upvote the post. Those who don’t can downvote it. Then, after seven days, the Splinterlands team will count up the SPS voting power of the votes. If at least 5% of the total staked SPS voted, AND 66% of those were upvotes, then the proposal move into the official Splinterlands proposal system for further consideration.

The SPS DAO governance has complete control over SPS, VOUCHER, and LICENSE tokens. The Splinterlands team can still choose to veto any community proposals that affect other facets of the game. They also won’t move forward with proposals that are vague or unclear. Proposals should focus on one change. This change may involve several steps, but proposals should not include multiple, unrelated changes.

Players can alter their proposals slightly to clarify issues or make small changes. But if the proposal is changed too significantly, or at the last minute to trick voters, the proposal will not advance to formal voting.

And though the Splinterlands team wants to build an official, community proposal page, their development schedule is already pretty full. And so, they are open to supporting a third party developer who wants to tackle this feature! In fact, community members can even create proposals for payments to third parties for development!

Splinterlands 2023 roadmap
Splinterlands 2023 roadmap

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a browser-based, play-to-earn, trading card game running on the Hive blockchain. Splinterlands features two tokens. Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), the primary game currency, and Splintershards (SPS), a governance token.

Splinterlands is a cross between a deck-building game and an auto-battler. Players use their cards to build a combat lineup based on the rules of the match. Then, once both sides submit their teams, the cards run in auto-battle mode until only one team remains. Players earn rewards for winning matches, and can also earn additional rewards through Daily Quests, Seasonal rewards, and a recurring, two-week leaderboard contest. Read our Splinterlands guide for more info.

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