Legends of Elumia Beta is Live

Legends of Elumia Beta is Live

Following the successful release of NFTs in the Heroes of Elumia Collection, Elumia Group has announced that the Legends of Elumia Beta is now live. As a result, the massively multiplayer, online role-playing game (MMORPG), will now be available for all players who own a Hero NFT.

Legends of Elumia is a next-gen MMORPG designed to give players absolute control and ownership over the game. That is, they will control every facet of the game, including the character, in-game assets, and equipment. This way, the game leads players into a new era of gaming where all gaming power belongs to the players and not the servers.

Notably, the developers released free Hero NFTs known as Genesis Character NFTs during the launch of Heroes of Elumia Collection on OpenSea. By having at least one Hero NFT, players can have access to all features attached to the live beta game.

Heroes of Elumia NFT Collection

Legends of Elumia Beta Is Live

Usually, players do not fully control their gear in most massively multiplayer online games. The reason is that their data is stored on the servers of the game’s developers, giving the publishers the right to ownership. However, with the launch of Legends of Elumia, players are welcome to a new wave of gaming – one where full ownership lies with them and not the developers.

Playable on both mobile devices and PC, Legends of Elumia Beta features different world zones, PVP battles, and challenging multiplayer dungeons. Also, players can keep their loot and build their empires in Elumia City. Additionally, they can purchase land, erect buildings, and enhance their characters in the game.

Legends of Elumia Beta

How to Play Legends of Elumia?

There are three easy steps to follow before players can enjoy the experience in the Elumia metaverse.

Firstly, all players must have at least one Legends of Elumia Genesis Character NFT in their wallets. This does not exclude players who staked their Genesis ELU and got free digital collectibles. For those who do not have any Genesis Character NFT, they can be gotten here.

Next, all players must have installed their digital wallet on their desktop browser. The wallet must support the Solana blockchain. Examples include Solflare, Torus, Ledger, Sollet, Slope, and Phantom. However, the developers recommend Phantom.

Thirdly, players are to create accounts on the Legends of Elumia marketplace. In this case, they must connect their Solana-backed digital wallet to the marketplace. The Legends of Elumia game supports Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.

Furthermore, an account can be linked to only one wallet. That is, when a wallet is linked to an account, it cannot be replaced in the future. Therefore, if necessary, the concerned player must create a new account to use a new wallet.

Once you’ve got your NFT character locked in your wallet and connected to Elumia marketplace, you’ll be able to download the launcher.

What Players Can Test in This Live Beta

Although players are welcome to access the Legends of Elumia, it is in its Beta phase. As such, players are encouraged to test out features in the game. This way, the developers can get useful feedback and work on ways to improve the gaming experience. The features to be tested include:

  • Creating game account
  • Connecting character NFTs to the game and play
  • Overall server performance and game stability
  • Enemy combat
  • Character skills
  • Exploring through Elumia City, Elumia lands, and engaging with NPCs
  • Communication with other players
  • PVP duels
  • Solo dungeon challenges
  • Group combat against bosses to gain loot
  • Equipment like weapons and armors
  • Buying and selling shop items
  • Consumables like potions and food
  • Gaining XP and leveling up
  • Exchanging Dust and TEST_SHARD tokens (which are mainly for testing purposes)

What Players Cannot Test Yet in This Live Beta

As said earlier, this version of Legends of Elumia is in its beta phase. As such, some features can not be tested yet. They include:

  • Chat channels
  • Guild system
  • Adding players as friends
  • Minting items to NFTs
Heroes of Elumia Beta Gameplay

Game Economy

Notably, the Elumia Crowns ($ELU) governance token powers the entire game. With the token, players can contribute to the game’s affairs, including development and upgrades. Similarly, ELU is used to participate in in-game activities.

All in-game features like marketplace items, buildings, and player characters are NFTs by nature. As such, players have absolute ownership over them and can decide to sell or buy them on the Elumia in-game marketplace anytime.

What Is Legends of Elumia?

Developed by a team of industry veterans who combined technology with their gaming experiences, Legends of Elumia boasts of being a full-fledged game. It has various features that contribute to its main intention – fun – including challenges, multiplayer mode, high-quality graphics, and exciting PVP battles.

As a game with an immersive storyline, players enjoy the amazing scenery in Elumia city. Elumia city is a bustling area built around The Infinite Tower, which is believed to be an ancient tower that existed long before human memory. According to the storyline, Elumia city came into play after the portal opened. Not everyone that goes through the portal makes it back, and those who do have different stories to tell about events that they beheld inside it.

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