Genopets Adds Toys and Food in Latest Update

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In addition to various bugfixes and interface improvements, the latest update from Genopets adds the possibility of finding Toys and Food for your Pets when Banking Steps! These items, known as Banking Rewards, will play a part in upcoming mini-games.

The items available for Genopets continues to grow with the recent addition of Augment crafting, and now, the latest update which includes Banking Rewards. Genopets refers to the process of converting your Steps to Energy as Banking. Steps are reset every day, so players who don’t Bank them, lose them.

Now players have additional incentive to Bank their Steps with Banking Rewards! Whenever players Bank 1000 Steps or more, they receive a random assortment of items. We haven’t been given any details on the mechanics of this feature, so we don’t know if it matters if you Bank often or just once a day. Hopefully we’ll get some more information on how Banking Rewards work in the near future.

new Food and Toys in Genopets
new Food and Toys in Genopets

Though we can’t give use them yet, Food and Toys will be needed for upcoming mini-games, called Fetch and Feed. Food and Toys are in-game items only, though they may offer options for converting them into NFTs in the future.

In addition, for those who love finding the best screenshot, players can now zoom and pan around their Pet to find the perfect angle! This update also includes a new invite a friend feature. For now, each player only has a one-use referral code.

Future plans for Genopets include the ability to equip Augments, and a Pokemon-style battle system

Energy Conversion

Energy is used to level up Pets, and can also be converted into KI tokens with a Habitat. Players gain Energy by Banking their Steps. But Genopets doesn’t offer a set conversion rate for Banking Steps into Energy. A couple of factors affect the conversion rate.

One is the Pet’s level. Higher level Pets offer better Energy conversion rates. The number of Steps Banked for the day also matter. Players see diminishing returns as they Bank more daily steps, though again, higher level Pets have better results here as well. And finally, there is Pet Happiness. Pets want attention. Players can make their Pets happy simply by petting them. This involves placing two fingers on the screen and petting your Pet by moving them around for a few seconds. The happier your Pet, the better the Energy conversion rate.

The latest update shows the player their current conversion rate when they Bank their steps.

Genopets roadmap
Genopets roadmap

What is Genopets?

Genopets is a free-to-play, move-to-earn game built on the Solana blockchain. When using the Genopets app, players collect steps while walking. They convert those steps into Energy, and then use that Energy to level up their Pet or exchange for KI tokens. KI tokens are the main currency in Genopets and used to craft Crystals, upgrade Pets, and maintain Habitats.

Genopets visually change as they level up. Higher level Pets also offer a better step to Energy conversion rate. Genopets recently introduced new level-based Energy conversion system that greatly reduced the amount of Energy generated by players. Especially those with low level Genopets.

Genopets features a number of NFTs, as well as the new style ‘SFTs’ for stackable resources. The main NFTs are Genesis Genopets and Habitats. SFT Resources include Raw Crystals, Refined Crystals, Terraform Seeds, and the recently added Pet Augments. Pet Augments will be used in an upcoming, Pokemon style pet battling game.

Genopets is currently in closed beta, open to those with a Habitat or Genopet and those on the whitelist. They regularly add new players to the whitelist and just added a referral system, allowing players to invite someone else to join.

Visit the Genopets website, follow them in Twitter, and join their Discord server to learn more about this move to earn game.

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