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The Fabled Opens First Alpha

The Fabled banner

It was over a year ago when The Fabled first sold their Mintpass NFT. Now Mintpass holders get to see some benefits with exclusive access to the first alpha for this action-oriented RPG!

Players need a Mintpass or a MintKey NFT to play this alpha. The alpha is also open to those on the whitelist, but I believe the openings for this first round whitelist have already closed.

This is the first of three ‘demo’ areas, meant to introduce the player to the game. The second section should be released in January of February. The game does provide a few pop-ups explaining the game controls. But for a demo, this game is tough! Dark Souls style, pretty much every opponent can one shot the players, making it very important to familiarize yourself with the dodge and parry controls!

Players can find and equip various equipment, and consumables such as armor potions, to help them out. Though the enemies seem to lie on a relatively linear path, adventurers are encouraged to explore the area. There may be some special treats hidden around the map!

The game’s graphics are very detailed. Even at the lowest settings its a bit rough for older computers, but this is the first alpha, so we can expect future optimization on that front. The graphics syle for this alpha is a very rocky and dark area. Players explore, loot, and fight foes who are not hesitant to charge as soon as they spot you!

Keep an eye on the Twitter account and Discord channels for The Fabled for opportunities to join in this or an upcoming alpha test.

a boss fight screenshot for The Fabled
defeat the Boss!

What is The Fabled?

The Fabled is an open-world, action RPG in a fantasy setting. Built in Unreal Engine 5, The Fabled sees players battling in a fractured realm as they seek to become ever more powerful.

Players explore levels, fight monsters, battle bosses, gather loot, craft items — all of that good stuff you might expect from a Diablo or Dark Souls type game. Players use up energy to play the game, which replenishes over 24 hours. The Fabled will offer players the ability to mint some game items as NFTs. Minted items gain a bump in power and a visual upgrade. In addition, some items will be seasonal, and become un-mintable when their season is up, providing even more rarity for those items!

Players will need to use $ABYS tokens for minting items. The Fabled will also include an in-game token called Ashes.

Players venture into the Abyss when ready for adventure. Using the Portals to access the wilderness, home to ferocious monsters. Each level is its own world, complete with a boss to defeat at the end. Worlds differ in appearance and effects, with plans to include seasonal worlds for extra flavor.

Additional future plans include consumable rewards for token stakers, dragon riding, and land in the form of Homesteads. Player’s Homesteads include farms for growing crops, crafting areas, and a customizeable house to show off all of your cool loot! The game will include an in-game marketplace.

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