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Dark Country Adds Daily NFT Rewards

Dark Country Daily NFT banner

Dark Country adds a new facet to their play and earn economy with the addition of Daily NFT rewards. Now, the top players of each day receive Hero cards as prizes. These Heroes can be staked into the land game for additional rewards as well!

Dark Country continues to expand upon their ecosystem. After implementing the ability to earn Shadow Dimes (SDM) tokens this past summer, Dark Country adds to their play and earn system by implementing daily, NFT card rewards.

Every day, the top five players (based on PvP rating) win a Hero card. The top player earns a Rare card on weekdays, while the reward is increased to an Epic Hero on Saturday and Sunday! It’s unclear about the rewards for the other top four, but it seems like those will be Common Hero cards.

Players can stake Hero and regular cards in the land game, and use them to enter daily quests, earning SDM tokens in the process.

The game is free to play. You can download Dark Country at

Dark Country Land Gameplay

There are two basic ways to earn Shadow Dimes in Dark Country. One is by playing the collectible card game. The other is by through land interaction. Landowners have an Influence rating in Dark Country. Influence determines how many SDM tokens landowners receive in daily payouts. Influence is deflationary, decreasing daily. Landowners can lower their deflation rate by staking large quantities of Shadow Dimes in the Bank.

Landowners gain Influence by sponsoring Quests. These Quests are passive. Landowners set a rarity level for the Quest, and a payout in SDM tokens. Players assemble a team consisting of one hero (must be quest level rarity or higher) and a team of 40 cards — NFTs from the Dark Country card game. They assign this team to the Quest and earn Shadow Dimes when it completes. Quests take 24 hours to finish, though each card added to the team decreases the quest timer based on the card rarity.

In return for this service, landowners earn Influence for each completed Quest on their land. In addition to Quest payouts, landowners also use Shadow Dimes to upgrade their buildings. Dark Country also recently added Guild Wars, allowing land owners to pay for players to fight for them.

All NFTs must be staked to the land game before they can be used in any land gameplay. This includes lands, heroes, and other cards.

Dark Country land interface
Dark Country land interface

What is Dark Country?

Dark Country is a collectible, trading card game built on the WAX blockchain. It features a gothic horror /western theme with cowboys, guns, demons, magic, and undead minions!

Dark Country plays like other TCGs you might be familiar with such as MTG, Hearthstone, and Gods Unchained. Players spend mana, play cards from their hand, and try to reduce the opponent’s health to zero.

Dark Country is free to play. The game provides a set of starter cards for everyone to play with. Players can also use their own NFT cards to build decks. Dark Country features play-to-earn options via regular tournaments, special Play the Pros events, and by engaging in the land gameplay.

Dark Country includes their own token, used in the land game, known as Shadow Dimes (SDM). Land owners use Shadow Dimes to upgrade their buildings and as pay for players. Shadow Dimes exist on both the WAX and FLOW blockchains.

The map layer for the game includes land ownership, guild PvP, quests, and more!

banner for a recent Dark Country tournament
banner for a recent Dark Country tournament
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