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Chronos: The Dawn of Time Video Review

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In this Chronos: The Dawn of Time video review, we will cover this project’s Beta and everything that is known so far. Chronos is a 2D action post-apocalyptic RPG with an NFT-based economy. In its Beta, there is only PvP but the team already mentioned that PvE game modes with co-op will be released in the following weeks.

How to play it?

The game is only available on Elixir so far. To play it players will need a Beta key. These Beta keys can be obtained either by minting a Traveler NFT on December 15th or by getting one from an influencer or team member.

After getting the beta key players must create an Elixir account, download the launcher and launch Chronos: The Dawn of Time through it. Before launching the game for the first time players must insert the Beta key.

Chronos: The Dawn of Time on Elixir's Verified Games' List
Chronos: The Dawn of Time on Elixir’s Verified Games’ List

About the Project

Chronos: The Dawn of Time is an old-school 2D RPG built by a team of five elements. The project is still in its early stages of development and the team still did not invest much in marketing. For now, the focus is to build a fun and engaging game.

When it comes to Chronos as a web3 project it is quite atypical. There are no tokens, only an in-game currency called Aether. This might be good, especially during a bear market. Other games like Skyweaver also do not have a crypto token and their economy works perfectly. But there will be a lot of items that will exist in the form of NFTs. Soon they will sell their first NFT collection, the Travelers. Check their Twitter feed for the latest info.

Chronos: The Dawn of Time has a really fun gameplay. Somehow it reminds me of the old Playstation X games. The game is in 2D and players will have to survive multiple obstacles in every area and also defeat monsters. Monsters drop loot which can be used to upgrade characters. To fight these monsters players can rely on a vast arsenal that goes from swords to machine guns and grenades. Grenades just like other items can be crafted and can make the difference between life and death on the battlefield.

This is a game I recommend for all the arcade and RPG lovers. It is only in Beta but it already reveals a lot of potential as a web3 game.