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MOHome Officially Launched in the MOMOverse

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Mobox finished up their alpha playtests for their new MOHome feature and officially launched it on December 21st, 2022. This feature adds a new play and earn opportunity as all MOHome builders share in a regular distribution of MBOX tokens based on the Prosperity rating of their property!

Running on the Binance Chain, Mobox originally started as a defi platform with NFT creatures as ‘miners’ and a couple of simple, mobile style games in development. Since then they have expanded into a virtual world, the MOMOverse, and began adding features and integrating the rest of their platform together. Their latest feature addition, MOHomes, just finished alpha testing and is now available to the general public.

MOHome is a farming game within the larger MOMOVerse. Players grow crops on their plot of land and they can also decorate it with various cosmetic features. By constructing and upgrading various buildings and features of their MOHome, players increase the Prosperity rating of their MOHome. Players may need to clear debris from their land plot to make room for construction.

first choose a Civilization type for your MOHome
first choose a Civilization type for your MOHome

More About MOHomes?

MOHomes are really more of a village. A sort of game within the game of MOMOverse. At the center is a Town Hall. Players with Town Halls built begin to receive passive income in the form of MBOX tokens.

Players construct and upgrade various buildings in their MOHome. Each building has a specific effect, and also increases the Prosperity rating of your Home. The higher the Prosperity rating, the more MBOX income the Town Hall receives. There are eight buildings available in all.

Players can choose from four different civilization types. Every Civilization has a different set of resource materials that they use for construction. The Civilizations available for launch are Tech Fantasy, Barbarian Tribe, Steam Punk, and Middle Ages, each with a distinct visual style.

But in addition to the utility buildings, there will also be a number of decorations. Decorations include things such as flowers, trees, and statues. Players can receive a small amount of Prosperity from decorations, but they are mostly for visual appearance only.

Players trade the fruit they grow with Deep Space Traders and also complete various MOHome related, daily Tasks. In addition, MOHome also offers a PvP option. By building a Lighthouse, players can try to raid other players and steal a portion of their crops!

Players can access the MOMOverse and their MOHome through the Mobox website. You can also read more about the MOHome feature in this article.

a built up MOHome
a built up MOHome

Into the MOMOverse

MOHomes are just a part of the larger MOMOverse. In the MOMOverse, players mine the basic resources with their MOMOs, and then use those to craft more complex items. Players need these secondary items for construction in their MOHomes. Luckily, there is an in-game market where players can buy and sell all the resources. All purchases and construction fees are paid for with MBOX tokens.

The MOMOverse is free to play. Players can wander around the world, gather items from the ground, and engage in crafting. And while it is possible to bootstrap yourself up from nothing, to really engage in the play and earn side of the MOMOverse, you will want to own some MOMOs and invest in some MBOX tokens.

Christmas Merge and Leaderboard Event

To celebrate the launch of MOHome, Mobox is also hosting a MOMO Xmas Merge Event. MOMOs of Rare or Epic rarity can be merged together to level up the first selected MOMO. This merging is only available until the end of the event (January 20th, 2023, 4:00 UTC).

There will also be daily leaderboards for crafting, trading, and construction. Calculated every 24 hours, the top 100 crafters share a pool of 40,000 MEC tokens. The top 100 traders share 20,000 MEC tokens, leaving a larger pool of 1.2M DEc awarded to the top 300 homes with the highest Prosperity rating at the end of the event on January 20th, 2023, 8am UTC.

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