VOX Holiday Mystery Box Sale

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VOX brings us a holiday, Mystery Box sale, with each Box containg a VOX related NFT. They could be VOX avatars, Adventure Packs for the VOX Odyssey game, or even Land Parcels for the upcoming VOXverse! The sale starts on December 21st.

This VOX Holiday Mystery Box sale occurs in two parts. The first, a ‘pre-sale’, is only open to holders of VOX NFTs (series 1-4), or a VOX Box. Only 1000 Mystery Boxes are available for the pre-sale, with a maximum of two mints per wallet. The price is 0.08 ETH. However, there is some bureaucracy to deal with. Users will need to verify their identity through a partner, Novel. Once identified, users will receive a code to redeem for their Mystery Box(es) and a payment invoice. A valid email and billing address will also be required. Players have until December 22nd, 12pm PT to complete their purchase. If they don’t pay, their reserved Mystery Boxes will be put up for sale on open Sea. The pre-sale opens at 12pm PT on December 21st.

Luckily, the public sale is a bit simpler. It opens on December 21st at 1pm PT. 888 Boxes available. No limit on purchases per wallet. Check the official VOX Discord near the time of the sale for the official purchase link.

VOX Holiday banner

What’s inside these Mystery Boxes?

Every box contains a random NFT. About 57% of them will contain an Adventure Pack for VOX Odyssey, the Discord based VOX game. These packs contain resources for use in the choose-your-own-adventure style game.

Another 31% of the Boxes contain a VOX NFT, potentially from any four of the existing series (Town Star, Mirandus, Walking Dead, and Trolls). And the grand prize, a Land Parcel, only has an 11.44% chance of being inside of a Mystery Box. Land can even be of Ancient rarity! We don’t know exactly how Land Parcels will function in the VOX universe, but land is generally a coveted type of NFT in the world of web3 gaming!

Mystery Boxes can be opened immediately at They can also be traded on Open Sea.

waklig dead VOX
an undead holiday surprise inside a Mystery Box, perhaps?

What are VOX?

VOX are unique, collectible characters. They are part of the Gala Games ecosystem and are meant for use in the Discord based game called VOX Odyssey, and the more ambitious VOXverse. Some VOXes are themed in partnership with other Gala projects, such as Walking Dead: Empires. These provide utility both in the VOX games and in their partner projects.

Players can also place their VOX into their towns in Townstar. If the player completes their daily challenges, the VOX will earn a bonus of TownCoin, based on the VOX rarity score. You can check a VOx’s score on Rarity Tools. In addition to this, VOX owners may receive a surprise airdrop from time to time!

Will Wright, the creator of The Sims, is on board the project as a lead designer. In a recent AMA, Will talked about how he would like the VOX’s activity and history to have a long-term effect. For example, if your VOX was harvesting some wood and had a tree fall on them, they would walk with a limp. Or if someone used their VOX for cooking in one game, then that VOX would have cooking skills in the VOXverse.

VOX Odyssey is already alive and running. To learn more about VOX, VOX Odyssey, and the VOXverse, visit the website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

VOX Odyssey banner
VOX Odyssey banner
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