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Cometh Evolves Into Sci-fi Trading Card Game

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What once was a defi platform with a gameified, asteroid chasing aspect, has morphed into a trading card game about battling spaceships! With a wide selection of cards, a rental system, plus the recent introduction of daily quests and a game store where players can purchase cosmetic NFTs, Cometh is set for future growth.

Having played a little bit of Cometh over a year ago, it feels strange to look at it now. Where once players boosted starships to intercept orbiting asteroids to earn a small amount of tokens, Cometh has pivoted into a more playable game. One that features players facing off in duels, trying to destroy their opponent’s Starship. Cometh is now a sci-fi themed, strategic, deckbuilding, trading card, web3 enabled game!

This new gameplay was first launched in May of 2022. Since then Cometh has continued to build, with a recent update adding daily quests, a new game currency, Galactic Credits, and a game shop to help players spend those Credits.

Cometh deckbuilding interface
build a deck to defeat your foes!

Cometh Gameplay

The Cometh gameplay will be mostly familiar to veterans of other trading card games. Players build a deck of 40 cards and face off in 1 vs 1 duels. Each player has a Spaceship that acts as their game avatar. When your Spaceship reaches zero health, you lose.

Players draw cards from their deck, then spend Energy to play the cards during their turn. Players can also use Energy to draw extra cards. Some cards are effects, damage, healing, etc, while other cards are ‘Orbiters’, friendly ships that help fight your opponent. There are also Secret cards, whose effect isn’t revealed to the opponent right away! With a wide selection of Starships and over 230 cards, Cometh offers plenty of opportunity for strategic deckbuilding and gameplay.

Cometh is free to play. Players can connect with a web3 wallet or an email address. The game includes a series of introductory tutorials. Completing the tutorials provides the player with a free set of 40 cards and a starter Spaceship. Players who finish the tutorial missions also receive Credits they can spend at the Galactic Shop.

And though players can’t earn game rewards with the starter ‘Mule’ ship, Cometh does include a rental option. Players can rent ship from other players for a base fee in MUST token, plus a percentage of their game earnings. Players also have the option of purchasing their own Starships.

In addition, players can purchase booster packs with Starships in-game, using resources they receive from winning battles.

a few items for sale in the Galactic Shop
buy cards to enhance your decks

Latest Update and Future Plans

Cometh recently launched their v0.13 update. This update includes daily quests, a new Galactic Shop with limited time sales, playable, non-NFT cards, and cosmetic items.

Each day, the game offers every player three randomly selected, daily quests to complete, which reward the player with Galactic Credits. For new players, the first set of Daily Quests will focus on completing the Cometh Battle tutorial, which will rewards them with 600 Galactic Credits to expand their collection.

Players can spend these Credits in the new Galactic Shop for Non-NFT playable cards and NFT cosmetics. Every day the shop offers a different selection of 5 NFT cosmetics and 3 non-NFT cards (2 commons and 1 uncommon). The NFT cosmetics consist of 84 animated emojis (14 models with 6 different expressions, including 4 Xmas branded model emojis). The non-NFT cards are not tradeable, but all of the cosmetics and emojis are! The team plans to continue to add new cosmetic items in the future.

This combination of daily quests, and a game currency allowing players to buy tradeable NFTs adds a new, free to play, play and earn facet to the game.

Cometh plans to release a single player experience in Q1 of 2023, as well as continue building on their current game. To learn more about Cometh, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

Cometh gameplay screenshot
taunt your opponent with new emojis!
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