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Play and Earn with Coinbase Wallet Gaming Days

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Coinbase decides to get involved in web3 gaming with a special ‘Gaming Days’ event. Offering special events and prizes over the next five days, Coinbase Wallet partnered with several different web3 gaming developers for Gaming Days.

Do you use Coinbase Wallet? If not, you may want to consider setting one up to participate in the upcoming Gaming Days event. For this special happening, Coinbase Wallet has teamed up with five different web3 gaming developers to introduce their games to users while offering players a chance to win special prizes and rewards.

All of these events require connecting with a Coinbase Wallet. Many of these events also have additional requirements. Be sure to check the official Gaming Days page to get the links to the detailed info.

This is great advertising for these games, as the customer base of Coinbase likely includes a large number of people familiar with cryptocurrency but who haven’t yet discovered web3 gaming.

Gaming Days Events

Appropriately enough, the Gaming Days festivities kick off on December 17th with an tournament hosted by Community Gaming. was just voted Best Multiplayer and Best eSports game in the Gam3 Awards! So they are certainly getting a lot of attention these days! This particular tournament is a 2-day event, with players battling 1v1 to see who is the best player of this FPS. 5,000 USDC in prizes are up for grabs!

The task for day two (starting December 19th) is much simpler. The first 5,000 Coinbase Wallet users who connect to Pixels receive a special mystery box. On December 20th the partner is Mobox and the task will likely involve interaction with the Momoverse. Users who complete the assigned game quests can earn Mobox avatars and MOMO NFTs.

Next up, its MOBA time with Spider Tanks! On December 21st, connecting your Coinbase wallet to Spider Tanks and playing a few matches will reward you with a Spider Tanks skin or Prop item.

And then Gaming Days winds down with the final event on December 22nd featuring Evaverse. Participants will need to register and then complete 50 Cosmic Cup races. The first 1,000 players to complete the requirements receive a ‘Purtle Pack’ wearable NFT. Players can earn experience for their backpack by wearing it while playing the game in Hoverboard Racing or Cosmic Cup game modes. One the Pack reaches maximum level, the players receives a unique Purtle Pet NFT. What’s a Purtle? I’m glad you asked! In the words of Battlebound (creators of Evaverse), they are “action-focused cats in turtle’s clothes”.

Spider Tanks NFTs from Gaming Days
Spider Tanks NFTs from Gaming Days

Gaming Days starts on December 17th and runs through December 22nd. Download and install Coinbase Wallet to join!

What is Coinbase Wallet?

Coinbase Wallet is a self-custody cryptocurrency wallet that includes support for in-app swaps and bridges, as well as displaying NFTs.

Coinbase Wallet can be installed on iOS and Android devices, or as a browser extension. It supports a number of different blockchains including Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche (just to name a few), and can also connect to a Coinbase account.

With self-custody such a recent hot topic, it’s not too surprising to see a centralized exchange promoting their self-custody wallet. Especially if there is a chance it will drive customers to your site!

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