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Everseed Demo Review

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In this Everseed Demo Review we will cover this project’s third alpha demo! This web3 tower defense game does not stop growing and now NFT holders can access new and more challenging levels. Personally, I had a great time playing it and I am not even a fan of the genre!

How to play it?

  1. Buy a Ranger, a Plant or a Sprout on one of Solana’s marketplaces
  2. Head to the accounts section of Everseed’s website and link your discord account and Solana wallet holding the NFTs
  3. Head to the Demo’s launcher, log in with discord, and enjoy

Sometimes it takes up to one hour after players buy an NFT for it to be recognizable by the website.

What’s Everseed?

Everseed is a tower defense game where players need to defend the cultivator, a building that has a limited amount of Health Points. Hordes of monsters called the blight, will attack the player’s cultivator. Every time an enemy hits the cultivator it will lose a certain amount of health points, and when these reach 0, players will lose the match.

To defend the cultivator players need to plant seeds in the paths that the blight crosses. Enemies can attack from multiple directions so players have to plan well where to place each seed. Each seed grows into a regular plant, and these can get an upgrade with infusions. Each infusion will give plants special abilities like the ability to slow down enemies or apply poison.

To aid in battle there are also companions. Before each match, players choose one companion. Companions attack nearby enemies and have an ability that can be a game-changer. For example, the Honey Bear applies a temporary 20 Points shield to the cultivator. Besides this, companions, unlike plants, can move around the map. They are great assets because if players place them on the path that the blight will take, then enemies will be forced to change direction.

For all these activities each player will get a limited amount of energy every round. Energy can be used to plant seeds, clear tiles to plant more seeds, and water plants to level them up.

Personally, I had a lot of fun playing Everseed. I think it is the perfect game for PvE and Strategy lovers. It is the type of casual game that can hook any player to his screen for hours.

Everseed gameplay
Everseed gameplay