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Claim Your Splinterlands Land Deed

Splinterlands land reveal banner

At long last, Splinterlands land owners can redeem their Land tokens! Beginning on December 12th, owners can submit a claim, receiving a deed for their actual land plot! Though this isn’t be a full plot reveal, it’s a big step for a long awaited feature!

Known officially as Land Phase 0.5, this upcoming addition to Splinterlands will allow land owners to finally receive an NFT representing their actual land plot(s)! Until now, what players have held were simply Land tokens, making them eligible to receive a deed.

Land claiming is scheduled to start on December 12th. Players will be able to redeem their land tokens for individual, unsurveyed, land deed NFTs. These deeds point to a specific plot of land in Praetoria. This is broken down by continent, territory, region, tract, and plot. This location info is encoded into the unique NFT identifier. An example:


The above NFT represents plot number 27, in tract 3, of region 7, in the Pristine Northwest (PNW) territory and continent of Praetoria (PR).

Those who own regions and tracts will have their tokens converted into individual plot tokens when claimed, but all of those plots will be appropriately contained into one region or tract. A tract equals 100 plots, while a Region consists of a group of 1,000 plots. There are 150 regions in total in Praetoria.

map of Praetoria
map of Praetoria

This is just the first step of the land reveals. The next phase, scheduled for early 2023, allows players to survey their land and find out terrain type, resources, special buildings, and rarity.

Where is my land?

Rather than random assignment, plots will be assigned sequentially, starting from the upper left region of the map, region 1, the Pristine Northwest. When a claim is submitted, the contract finds the next available space available. If the claim is for a tract or region, then it will find the next empty tract or region. Players can submit multiple claims at once to group their plots together.

Once Region 1 is full it moves on to Region 2 and so on down the line. The claim interface will show the available information about the next plot available, though I imagine that may have trouble staying completely accurate if there are a rush of claims.

Placement on the map doesn’t affect production. Though some regions have more of a certain type of resources, which affects the chance of a plot in that region having those resources.

No region will have access to all of the land resources. The team says that they will have an in-game market allowing players to easily trade and swap resources. They also say that there is no particular advantage to try and claim every plot type. Though the rules for the land gameplay are not yet set in stone, there may be some advantage to having grouped up plots rather than scattered settlements.

Unsurveyed Land Deeds are still eligible for the ongoing SPS token airdrop, just like the current Land tokens. However, players won’t be able to trade Land Deeds until an update to the game market early next year. Land claiming will remain open for at least a year.

The wilds of Praetoria await!

Land claim screenshot from test server
Land claim screenshot from test server
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