Mirandus Announces Firebrand Noble Steed Sale

Mirandus Firebrand steed banner

Mounts come to Mirandus for the first time in the form of a sale for Firebrand Steeds, the first Noble Steed to be available for purchase. This sale begins on December 12th and runs for a limited time only.

Having a sweet ride has always been an important part of many cultures. And in MMOs especially, the status symbol of an impressive steed can bring lots of attention to a character.

It’s likely that Mirandus will follow suit as they introduce the first mounts for their fantasy based MMO, the Firebrand Steed! Wreathed in fire and capable of unleashing firey attacks upon your enemies, the Firebrand Steed is likely to be highly coveted. The best of the breed, however, will cost quite a few pretty pennies!

Firebrand Steeds are considered Noble Steeds. And, as such, they have special abilities. For one, they can never truly die. Every Noble Steed has the power to resurrect themselves. In addition to the previously mentioned flame based attacks, Firebrand Steeds also provide light in dark areas. Larger than regular horses, Noble Steeds can breed, creating new generations. Something that regular horses cannot do.

Fireband Steed Sale Info

Only available for a limited time, the Firebrand Steed availability begins with a 24 hour whitelist sale for anyone owning a Stable or a Rider of the North Exemplar. This whitelist sale is supposed to start on December 12th, but we haven’t been given an official start time. Presumably, the public sale will open sometime after that. Once the sale ends, any unpurchased Flamebrands will be burned.

A few of each rarity (except Ancient) will be held back and distributed to random Founder’s Node operators.

The prices for these Firebrand Steeds start at $75 for an Uncommon variety. However, the prices shoot up quickly from there – $2500 for a rare, $15k for an Epic, $75k for a legendary, and finally a whopping $250k for a single ancient horse.

Now, on top of this, all of the uncommon level Steeds will be Stallions only. In order to breed these horses, you need a Mare and a Stallion, locking access to the horse breeding side of the game behind a price that is almost enough to breed horses in real life!

Now, one might legitimately ask why Mirandus is having yet another NFT sale, when all we have seen from them are two, very minor demos, that were extremely laggy. It is certainly understandable that making an MMO from scratch is hard, but other web3 games have found ways to provide some sort of value and/or entertainment to their early supporters. But it’s beginning to feel like Mirandus is just asking for more handouts.

Nonetheless, I expect that the uncommon tier will sell out. And maybe, just maybe, someone decides to shell out $500k for a breeding pair of Ancient rarity Firebrand horses.

What is Mirandus?

In development since 2020, Mirandus is an upcoming fantasy MMO and part of the Gala Games blockchain. Built with Unity, Mirandus is a first-person, open-world, fantasy MMO where players own everything. From the clothing on their backs to the shops in towns, to the towns themselves! Mirandus features a complex, interconnected economy where players take the roles of blacksmiths, hunters, and tavern keepers in addition to adventure seekers.

Adventurers will need food, armor repairs, and some potions before they go on their next adventure. The blacksmith needs wood from the woodcutter, while the butcher needs meat from the farmer. There are many production lines and players can enjoy being a farmer, an adventurer, a trader, or even a bard!

Players with land plots choose where to place it on the map. Close to a dungeon for more foot traffic? Or near a river for farming and trade? Or perhaps in a mountain pass to levy taxes on anyone who wants to pass through! When the game launches, there will be five citadels, the biggest cities in the game world. These give the owner the right to create and lead their own faction, charge taxes on trade, and so on.

The game will feature free-to-play options when released.

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