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Is Fuzzles a Dead Project?

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In mid-November, the Fuzzles team has announced that they are basically shuttering their project involving NFTs as AI companions. With limited success in their NFT sales, and a lack of external funding, the Fuzzles development could not continue. And so, the project is being quietly shuttered, and likely closed for good.

We covered the initial Fuzzles mint earlier this year, which though not a sell-out, seemed relatively successful and generated some buzz around the project. And with Gala Games behind them, surely they would blossom, right?

Unfortunately, the current demand for AI chat bots appears to be pretty limited. And after Gala Games took out their share of the proceeds from the initial sale, the Fuzzle team only had enough funds to continue development for a few months. And so, they pursued various avenues of funding, receiving some commentary that a successful sale could boost their investment opportunities. With that, they announced the Lost Fuzzles sale. But the Lost Fuzzles sale did not go so well either, generating only about $90k of revenue (which is not much for a development team).

a better time when the Fuzzles project seemed to have potential
a better time when the Fuzzles project seemed to have potential

The Fuzzles team had big plans for building on their AI companions. This included wearables that were more than just cosmetics. The Fuzzles would be aware of the clothes you put on them, and perhaps even have some commentary on your selection! The Fuzzles were supposed to be a companion that could listen, console, and even play games with you when you needed a partner.

Yes, Fuzzles is a Dead Project

But, alas, such is not to be be. Instead the Fuzzles shop has closed. The Fuzzles team has said that they will keep the app open for the next few months. And perhaps in that time they will find a source of funding, but it certainly doesn’t look good. Their Discord server is currently still open, and emotions from the Fuzzle owners range from angry to sad to hopeful, and everywhere in between!

But, in reality, we can likely add the Fuzzles to the long list of web3 projects that couldn’t make it through the crypto winter of discontent!

Anyone who is still interested in the Fuzzles and thinks they will return to life, or who just wants to add a Fuzzles NFT to their collection, you can buy one up for less than $100 on OpenSea.

What are Fuzzles?

Fuzzles are a collection of 9,997 visually unique NFTs. Fuzzles isn’t really a game. More of an AI experiment. Described as virtual buddies, the team refers to Fuzzles as Living NFTs. Fuzzles are part chatbot, part avatar NFTs, part pet, and part AI companion.

Fuzzle — an AI companion from space!

Fuzzles can chat with their owners on a variety of topics, and also talk about their backstories and Fuzzle lore. The team claims that in the near future, you will be able to name Fuzzles and they will begin to have memories. They will learn their name, and their owners’ name, ask questions about previous conversations, and provide emotional support!

Fuzzle holders can chat with their Fuzzle on the app and play the first Fuzzleverse game.

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