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Dark Country Adds Guild Wars

Dark Country guild wars banner

Dark Country continues to expand their land based gameplay by implementing guild wars. Guild Wars allow any landowner to recruit Soldiers to fight for their cause, earning Shadow Dimes and reputation along the way.

Dark Country, a western-gothic, TCG style game, has been building out a larger, land-based gameplay layer. Now they add another facet to land ownership with the addition of Guild Wars.

Landowners generate game activity via creating Quests, which pay out Shadow Dime tokens for players who stake their cards and join. They can also create a Guild, offering Soldiers who join their ranks daily payouts, and bounties for attacking the Guild’s rivals!

Guild Gameplay

All land owners start out with a basic Guild House (accessed via the Barracks in game), but they can also choose to upgrade it in order to recruit more Soldiers. A level 1 Guild House holds 10 Soldiers maximum, a level 2 can hold 20, all the way up to level 5, which can house as many as 150 Soldiers! Creating a Guild is free, though only open to those who own a land NFT. Guild leaders can invite anyone to join their Guild, even players in other Guilds. Though players can only belong to one Guild at a time.

Dark Country Guild interface
Dark Country Guild interface

The names of the in-game ranks are fixed (Recruit, Major, etc), but the guild owner can choose the default payout for each rank. And actually, the guild leader can set specific pay for each individual Soldier as they invite them to join. What meaning each rank has beyond pay is up for the Guild leader to decide.

Soldiers earn Rank Points as they engage and succeed in Guild activities. This doesn’t have any gameplay effect, though Guild owners can use it to get a general idea of each Soldier’s activity level.

Guilds can choose to war with other guilds, wagering Influence. Soldiers from both Guilds play dueling matches until only side remains. The winning Guild receives 50 Influence, and the other Guild loses 50 Influence. When starting a war, the Guild leader posts a prize in SDM (Shadow Dime) tokens. Soldiers from the winning Guild split 90% of that prize pool, while the remaining 10% of the tokens are burned.

What is Dark Country?

Dark Country is a collectible, trading card game built on the WAX blockchain. It brings a different theme to the world of card games, with cowboys, guns, demons, magic, and undead minions! A gothic horror /western theme.

Dark Country plays like other TCGs you might be familiar with such as MTG, Hearthstone, and Gods Unchained. Players spend mana, play cards from their hand, and try to reduce the opponent’s health to zero.

Dark Country is free to play. The game provides a set of starter cards for everyone to play with. Players can also use their own NFT cards to build decks. Dark Country features play-to-earn options via regular tournaments, special Play the Pros events, and by engaging in the land gameplay. Dark Country offers play and earn gaming with Shadow Dimes (SDM) as payout. Shadow Dimes exist on both the WAX and FLOW blockchains.

The new map layer for the game includes land ownership, guild PvP, quests, and more!

dark country screenshot
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