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Skyweaver Releases Air Chrysalis for On-Chain Giveaways

Air Chrysalis Tool

The web3 Trading Card Game Skyweaver released the Air Chrysalis tool that allows streamers and content creators to do automated on-chain giveaways. The whole process is randomized, it can be seen on-chain and is Verified by Chainlink VRF. This tool was created entirely by the community.

Air Chrysalis is a tool that will make Skyweaver’s streamers and content creators life way easier. It will allow for randomized automated giveaways with complete transparency to their audience. Since the giveaway is on-chain it can be verified by each one of the participants. This is possible thanks to the use of the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function. Users need a Sequence Wallet to use the tool.

Air Chrysalis creators, SKR & Fulligine, got the prize of 4,000 USD for building this tool for Skyweaver’s community. There was a bounty to create such a tool and they won. Probably, more opportunities like this will come from the Community Bounties Program.

How to use Air Chrysalis?

  • Go to Air Chrysalis website
  • Click on “Connect Wallet”.
  • In the Sequence Wallet window that pops up, click on “Continue”.
  • Select the cards you wish to giveaway
  • Click on “Create Giveaway”
  • In the new page that opens you have an opportunity to change the cards to giveaway. Once you are satisfied with your choice, click on “Continue”.
  • In the Sequence Wallet window that pops up, select the currency you wish to use to pay for the signing transaction, then click “Confirm”.
  • In the page that opens, click on “Copy giveaway link” to share a link through which participants will be able to join your giveaway.

What is Skyweaver?

Skyweaver is a Trading Card Game that interacts with the Polygon Blockchain. It is now in its open beta and already counts with a significant community. Just like in many other games of the same genre players choose a hero and build a deck of cards. The chosen hero will affect which cards are available.

The gameplay is good but it does not bring any innovation to the genre. I believe it is what players can expect from a web3 TCG. Now, where Skyweaver really shines is in its artwork and graphics. Personally, they are the best I have seen in games like this.

When it comes to web3 elements cards are NFTs, but, unlike other identical games like Gods Unchained, it does not have a token. Skyweaver uses USDC in its market. If you want to know more about the game watch our video below where I review Skyweaver and read our Skyweaver review and guide.

Skyweaver’s Review