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Santa is Coming to Town Star

Town Star Santa banner

The Christmas time is upon us. And so comes the snowy backgrounds, Christmas themed items, and seasonal events. Town Star, having already introduced Ornaments, now announces the addition of a Wizard’s Workshop, Santa’s Factory, and an opportunity to get an exclusive North Pole Creation Lab!

Town Star is already ramping up for the Christmas season with the addition of Enchanted Ornaments. Now they announce four new upcoming items, the Master Wizard,

This Santa themed update brings us the first of four new buildings. All players will be able to create these new buildings in-game (once they’re implemented), but owning the NFT allows players to construct them without using game resources, which can be a huge boost when starting a new town.

This new Christmas themed set includes four items, three for sale, and one as a reward to purchasers of the first three.

New Town Star Buildings

The first new building will be the epic rarity Master Wizard. Each NFT costs $150, with a total limit of 360 mints. This epic level Master Wizards works faster and cheaper than the one built in-game. The Master Wizard produces Magic Powder, Enchanted Objects, and Ice.

Master Wizards go on sale on December 5th. But Wizard crafts wont be added to the game until December 12th.

Master Wizard NFT
Master Wizard NFT

In addition to Master Wizards we have Wizards Workshop, which will be a Rare NFT. Then, for some serious Christmas Magic, Santa’s Factory, a Legendary NFT, who comes with a special Elf Foreman!

And finally, there is the North Pole Creation Lab. Players who purchases each of the other three NFTs in the set will receive this for free. We don’t know exactly what this Lab does yet, but the team says it will be very important. It will allow new creations by ‘adding bits of North Pole magic into some goods and crafts’. The Lab cannot be purchased from the Gala store and is a special, 2022 only holiday promotional item. So, at most, there will only ever be 360 copies of this. Likely much fewer!

The Wizards Workshop goes on sale on the 12th, Santa’s Factory on the 19th, with the North Pole Creation Lab airdropped on December 26th. We don’t know the prices on the Workshop or Factory yet.

Santa's Factory
Santa’s Factory

There will also an upcoming addition of Cold to the game. Some Buildings will give off a Cold aura, affecting nearby tiles. Master Wizards are immune to Cold, and Cold will be needed to make Ice.

Enchanted Ornaments

There is also still an ongoing event to collect Enchanted Ornaments. These Ornaments work as effect cards in the game. They can reduce wages or reduce building costs. There are twelve different Ornaments in all. Collect all twelve to receive a number of additional bonuses. These are:

  • 50% Global Unit Speed Increase (Stackable with bonus from other NFTs)
  • 50% Global Wage Reduction
  • 75% Building (Cash) Cost Reduction
  • 75% Reduction in Obstacle-Clearing Costs

This additional set bonus is seasonal only, and runs until January 31st, 2023.

Only the Uncommon packs are left in the official market. These cost $30 each and contain four random Ornaments.

About Town Star

Town Star is a competitive farming game running on the Gala blockchain. Beginning with a plot of land and a little bit of money, players build up farms, factories, and many other types of buildings, selling excess goods for profit. Leaderboards track the top player, with bi-weekly competitions.

The aim of the game is to develop the most efficient and productive town possible through growing, gathering, and crafting. Players can use NFTs in their towns to enhance their productivity or place special buildings. Town Star features some intricate placement strategy as proximity to other buildings or terrain can affect building production. For example, both buildings and mountains create shade and wind block, which affect crops and wind-based buildings, respectively.

The TOWN token rewards for Town Star are currently on hold while the team retools their game economy. You can follow Town Star on Twitter and join their Discord for more info..

Town Star screenshot
Town Star screenshot
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