Metastrike Joins the Myria Ecosystem

Metastrike partners up with Myria

The Web3 First-Person Shooter Metastrike just took an important decision by partnering with the Ethereum layer 2 solution Myria. This project will now share an entire gaming ecosystem with other titles like Moonville Farms and all the other titles previously announced. This is also great news for Myria which now counts with one more AAA title.

Myria supporters already had an idea that this partnership would happen at some point. Metastrike has been on Myria’s website, on the game’s list tab, since they launched it. So, the partnership between both projects is not something new, it is just that now it is official.

This will bring great advantages to Myria which:

  • Now has another AAA title on its ecosystem
  • Will get a lot of users from Metastrike’s community
  • Will get a higher trading volume on its market

On the other hand, Metastrike will:

  • Get new players from Myria’s ecosystem
  • Be able to use an L2 Blockchain with cheap and fast transactions
  • Get access to Myria’s marketplace
  • Get higher exposure
  • Get marketing support

What is Metastrike?

Metastrike is a Free-to-play Web3 First-Person Shooter which looks a lot like the web2 title Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game is in Beta and it has everything players can expect from an action FPS like a demolition game mode, capture the flag, different weapons, daily quests, and deathmatch. Its graphics and gameplay look above average and personally, I feel like trying it out.

Then, there are a few things that make Metastrike unique. One of them is its web3 layer that will allow players to own and trade the following assets:

  • Weapon NFTs – These assets will allow players to earn better rewards by playing.
  • Land NFTs – These assets will allow players to build a guild map. When other players use that map land owners will receive rewards (Build-to-Earn).
  • $MTS token – Used for governance, trading, and in-game utility. Capped at 565,000,000 tokens.
  • $MTT token – Used to swap for $MTS and in-game utility. Unlimited supply.

According to their litepaper, players will be able to earn both through PvE and PvP game modes. When it comes to PvP, Metastrike will include some high-risk high-reward modes where players can bet expensive assets like their Weapon and Land NFTs, and then, the winner takes it all.

The second thing that makes Metastrike unique is VR integration. Players will be able to play with a mouse and keyboard or with a VR headset. Personally, I never tried VR, but I think the amount of dopamine released on your brain when getting that satisfying sniper headshot will be WAY higher when in VR mode.

There was already a tournament and players can download the Beta Version on Metastrike’s discord. Personally, I liked what I saw and I think every FPS lover should keep this one on their radar. If you want to see some in-game footage and the different game modes of the project watch the video below made by the team.

Metastrike Game Modes and Gameplay