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Cryowar begins Open Beta Registration

The so-awaited moment has arrived! Cryowar begins its Open Beta Registration and every Cryowarrior will be able to jump into the game and experience intense PvP and PvE battles. This is a major step for this mobile action game and its large community is excited. The Open Beta Registration will be open from November 28th to December 9th and it will begin on December 12th for Android and IOS.

Cryowar is one of the most awaited web3 mobile games. The team started developing it in 2019 on Unreal Engine 4 and later changed to Unreal Engine 5 to offer a product with higher-quality graphics. The project has a large community and it already counts 178,000 followers on their Twitter account.

What’s new?

The team did not share much information regarding new content. But there are two things that are available for the public. The first is that tokens are only going to be implemented in the full game release. The second is that the game received a huge upgrade from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5.

Cryowar difference between Unreal Engine 4 and 5
Cryowar difference between Unreal Engine 4 and 5

Then, accordingly to their whitepaper Cryowar will have the following game modes:

  • PVP Last Man Standing
  • PVP Deathmatch
  • PVP Top Score in 5 minutes
  • PVP Battle Arena
  • PVP 1v1 Duels on Player-Owned Land
  • PVE Co-op Boss Battles
  • PVE Co-op Survival Mode
  • LIVE and Online Tournaments

But which game modes will be available in the Open Beta is still unknown. The team is keeping this event a mystery and intends to surprise the community with what they have built in the past months.

Before there were two closed betas. One with just KOLs and investors, and a second one with over 1,000 players.

Registration for the open beta is open until December 9th. You can register via this Gleam campaign. Make sure to fill in your Google Play (Android) or your Apple (iOS) email address so that you can get access to the beta if you are selected.

What is Cryowar?

Cryowar is a PvP and PvE Play-and-Earn Free-to-Play action mobile game on the Solana Blockchain. Count on short fast-paced 3-minute matches where you control one of the eight characters. Match objectives will change on the fly so players must have fast reflexes and adapt to a changing environment at the speed of light.

The team mentioned that even though Cryowar falls into the Play-and-Earn category no asset will give in-game advantages over other players. This is and will be always a skill-based game. When it comes to Web3 elements it has a token $CWAR and it will have Character Skin NFTs and Land NFTs.

In the video below there is some of the most recent gameplay footage released by the team.

Cryowar gameplay