MyMetaverse Adds AI Morphing of NFTs


MyMetaverse, a gaming multiverse, launched a new feature and introduced its latest innovation – AI-generated NFT Morphs. To create an engaging foundation, MyMetaverse partnered with its talented digital artist, Ylieke, to harness her creativity and expression – while offering collectors the opportunity to add their unique stories, style, and flair to the token art. 

In this process, an artist creates the initial artwork – high-quality profile pictures – before allowing users to customize their faces in any way they choose. No matter your artistic skill level, this is now easier than ever, thanks to Open AI. As your morph phrase, enter keywords that speak to you, such as “cyberpunk ninja cat.”. MyMetaverse will replace part of the token image with a custom piece of art from OpenAI.

As a result of this fluid process, the artwork’s creator’s artistic expression is maintained. At the same time, the collector’s individuality is injected, and all of this combines to create something new and beautiful. It’s a perfect example of self-expression while preserving the original creator’s aesthetics. In an exciting new way, AI art unlocks the power of art. 

MyMetaverse Morphed NFT

“Creating art is a time-consuming process in terms of the artist’s years of practice and the actual work it takes to produce a single piece. What neural networks are doing is cutting this time short and giving you a chance to create right now in the form of a game. Though don’t get them wrong; they won’t be a toy forever. They are capitalizing on the artist’s vision and giving you options already. In the past, innovations have created ways for growth by producing forms of entertainment that were in demand and thus rewarded by the community (take YouYube, for example, people making money off of something you could not have thought of 15 years ago). We are seeing the beginning of it, and it is my true belief that in the future, the idea is all you going to need to singlehandedly produce art that you previously needed a whole studio of people to make.”

– Ylieke, Art-director at MyMetaverse

These NFTs have been dubbed “Regens.” A Regenerative Finance “regenerate” or “regen” is an investor particularly interested in environmentally or societally useful crypto and NFT projects. They are descended from the ranks of typical NFT and crypto “degens.”

Regens invests in social enterprises that use blockchain to increase transparency and web3 projects that focus on long-term sustainability and positive societal impacts. Regents are the future; they recognize that we have a world to save and that going to invest in the quo will not suffice.

The Last Airbender Morphed NFT
Cyber Fairy Morphed NFT
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